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fbv0zs2 in antinatalism on 23 Dec 19 (1pts):
Being allowed to leave.
fbhs1k1 in antinatalism on 20 Dec 19 (1pts):
How old are you, do you live by yourself?
f9xlbzt in antinatalism on 07 Dec 19 (1pts):
> You know life is fucked up when someone is happy to be terminally ill.
Indeed. I'm eating unhealthy and drinking alcohol to increase my risks of cancers.
f80y4gm in antinatalism on 19 Nov 19 (1pts):
Abortion isn't legal everywhere you know, in fact in most places it's outlawed.
f7xm969 in SuicideWatch on 18 Nov 19 (1pts):
At least you have a family. Mine are kicking me out at the end of this month and I will either suicide or go to a homeless shelter.
f7modc1 in SuicideWatch on 16 Nov 19 (1pts):
In what way is life unfair?
f7eepm5 in antinatalism on 13 Nov 19 (1pts):
I remember the comments on that girl who sued her parents. They were all saying she was a brat, selfish etc..
f78myl4 in antinatalism on 11 Nov 19 (1pts):
smoking weed, tobacco?
f78jtig in antinatalism on 11 Nov 19 (1pts):
Technically we aren't trapped, there is an exit.
f6o0vtq in antinatalism on 06 Nov 19 (1pts):
I disagree. Satisfaction is caused by an interaction of chemicals in the brain. Drugs are addictive because they flood the brain with a synethic form of these chemicals with great ease. That's why...
f6m89v8 in SuicideWatch on 05 Nov 19 (1pts):
In your life, would most people say that about suicide, that it's selfish or would they take the understanding position.
f6b1iai in depression on 03 Nov 19 (1pts):
I think you mean the sunk cost fallacy
f69ukrk in SuicideWatch on 03 Nov 19 (1pts):
Never asked for this life though. Why should anyone care?
f665sqe in antinatalism on 02 Nov 19 (1pts):
Does reddit have an anti-suicide stance?
f65uvov in antinatalism on 02 Nov 19 (1pts):
Mate, it's impossible to off yourself off those. Bernie Madoff tried to swallow 200 pills of benzos and they failed.
f65dh4p in antinatalism on 02 Nov 19 (1pts):
So kids chose parents who would rape them, abuse them, kill them?


iiradz in NoStupidQuestions on 29 Aug 20 (1pts):
How common is it for parents to kick their adult kids out of the house without any means to support themselves?
i7c5xw in AskEurope on 10 Aug 20 (1pts):
What is considered the best/worst accent in your country?
i52085 in Dublin on 06 Aug 20 (1pts):
Why does Ireland have such a bad homeless crisis for a developed country?
gkapa0 in SuicideWatch on 15 May 20 (1pts):
Has anyone been totally screwed over by this pandemic?
edbwqk in TrueAskReddit on 20 Dec 19 (2pts):
Are most people unhappy than they are happy?
e6yf4h in TrueAskReddit on 06 Dec 19 (15pts):
Why do teenagers have a reputation for bad behaviour?
e3fzti in Drugs on 29 Nov 19 (1pts):
Does anyone here go super quiet when drunk?
e3fnar in AskScienceDiscussion on 29 Nov 19 (1pts):
Is it bad to eat 1kg of sugar in day?
e3cv2u in europe on 29 Nov 19 (2pts):
What are the benefits/drawbacks of being in the European single market?
e1kbqc in SuicideBereavement on 25 Nov 19 (3pts):
Would you consider HIV bugchasing to be a form of suicide?
dvohl6 in MandelaEffect on 13 Nov 19 (1pts):
Neo in the Matrix
dth6ah in NoStupidQuestions on 08 Nov 19 (1pts):
Is it okay to compliment a nurse/female doctor on her appearance?
drrtpb in legaladvice on 05 Nov 19 (1pts):
Would this have constituted a threat?
dqbrlq in amiugly on 01 Nov 19 (7pts):
Are my teeth ugly?
dqbgcy in explainlikeimfive on 01 Nov 19 (1pts):
Why are most religions against suicide?
dpygt7 in AskScienceDiscussion on 01 Nov 19 (1pts):
What does this mean in regards to Hepatitis B?
dpy9ts in unpopularopinion on 01 Nov 19 (1pts):
People with terminal illnesses are in a way lucky
dpu120 in antinatalism on 31 Oct 19 (0pts):
There's a thread on AskReddit about reasons why you don't want kids?
dpq94t in NoStupidQuestions on 31 Oct 19 (1pts):
Is it normal to be attracted to cousins?
dpof18 in AskMen on 31 Oct 19 (0pts):
Men who have been to prison/jail, how bad is it there?
dplwbm in nursing on 31 Oct 19 (0pts):
How often do nurses get hit on by patients?
doxp9o in NoStupidQuestions on 29 Oct 19 (1pts):
What makes people sexually assault others?
dob77i in hivaids on 28 Oct 19 (1pts):
HIV bugchasing
dmvjuq in depression on 25 Oct 19 (1pts):
I may be homeless soon in December
dmutw2 in AskWomen on 25 Oct 19 (1pts):
How much sugar do you eat daily?
dm2lb8 in SuicideWatch on 23 Oct 19 (1pts):
Going to give myself HIV next month
dlvvfo in AskMen on 23 Oct 19 (1pts):
Men who have attempted suicide, what got you to that point and are you better now?
dliqq7 in NoStupidQuestions on 22 Oct 19 (1pts):
Are women attracted to men's appearance?
dkgtxn in NoStupidQuestions on 20 Oct 19 (1pts):
Why did reality television only become popular in the 1990s - 2000s?
djkjjs in SuicideWatch on 18 Oct 19 (1pts):
Is life just struggle after struggle?
df2rub in TooAfraidToAsk on 08 Oct 19 (1pts):
Why do parents from third world countries generally have a lower threshold for "spoiled behaviour" than Western parents
de1t4z in depression on 06 Oct 19 (1pts):
Are most people glad to be alive?
dd94gb in AskWomen on 04 Oct 19 (0pts):
How does a foot fetish in your SO make you feel?
dct4dw in AskScienceDiscussion on 03 Oct 19 (75pts):
Is sharing earbuds unhygienic?
dcshn3 in antinatalism on 03 Oct 19 (0pts):
Just because the majority of humans endure atrocious conditions doesn't excuse them or mean they aren't bad
dayb9n in ireland on 29 Sep 19 (0pts):
Watching porn on the bus?
dajy9v in TooAfraidToAsk on 28 Sep 19 (1pts):
Does Google ban Reddit searches related to pedophilia?
dajt5u in ireland on 28 Sep 19 (0pts):
Dating while living with parents?
dafklf in ireland on 28 Sep 19 (0pts):
Are most Irish girls okay with a dude who has a foot fetish?
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2020.09.01 22:07 eZGjBw1Z [Scotch] Classic Malts Coastal and Strong Collections on Clearance Today

I'm not a Scotch expert but this seems like a deal worth posting.
Today's price changes dropped the price by $26 to $38.99 for both of these products
Although OHLQ says these are 200 ML products, Brand Master says they're 20.4 oz which is 603.3 ML. This matches up with the 3x200 ML products linked in parenthesis above. This three pack is $1.92/fl oz. Separately, the 750 ML bottles of each of these products are more expensive so this could be a good way to try new things at a good value.
The catch is that when these products are de-listed (and flagged as Last Call items?) we are completely blocked from seeing their availability online in all but a few stores (more than just the Last Call stores for some reason). The Coastal Pack was de-listed on 7/1 data from then is now two months out of date. The Strong Pack was de-listed today so at least that's a bit more recent. They have also hidden the Strong Pack at any store that is not a Last Call location. Both products are actually listed on the Last Call products list. HandMeSomeHandsome shared that stores are not required to send product back to the state to be consolidated at Last Call locations so you may be able to find this stuff closer to home.
As of the end of last update on 6/30, just before it was de-listed, CLASSIC MALTS - COASTAL PACK was shown in the following stores. Some may have sold out by now but I doubt any other stores than these would have received this product after it was de-listed
  1. Lake's Beverage 3963 S. Main Street, Akron
  2. Silver Spirits Liquor Agency 1482 North Portage Path, Akron
  3. Kroger 919 East State Street, Athens
  4. Wine Reserve Of Aurora 1029 Aurora Road, Aurora
  5. Giant Eagle 24601 Chagrin Blvd.-Liq Dept., Beachwood
  6. Kroger 4100 Hunt Road, Blue Ash
  7. Giant Eagle 4343 E. Royalton Road, Broadview Heights
  8. Giant Eagle 3440 Center Road, Brunswick
  9. Top Shelf 7257 Fulton Dr NW, Canton
  10. Fishers Foods 5215 Fulton Drive Nw Jackson Twp, Canton
  11. Wine Reserve 16785 Chillicothe Rd, Chagrin Falls
  12. Giant Eagle 351 Center St, Chardon
  13. Jungle Jim's 4450 Eastgate Boulevard, Cincinnati
  14. Kroger 3760 Paxton Avenue, Cincinnati
  15. Westside Liquor 2315 Ferguson Rd, Cincinnati
  16. Kroger 2120 Beechmont, Cincinnati
  17. Giant Eagle 3050 W. 117Th St., Cleveland
  18. Downtown Liquor 1303 West 6Th Street, Cleveland
  19. Zagara's Marketplace 1940 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights
  20. Northwest Wine and Spirits 821 Bethel Road, Columbus
  21. Galloway Wine & Spirits 950 Galloway Rd, Columbus
  22. Giant Eagle 840 W 3rd Ave, Columbus
  23. Kroger 150 W Sycamore Street, Columbus
  24. Honeybee Drive Thru 1600 S. High Street, Columbus
  25. Chateau Wine & Spirits 2131 Polaris Parkway, Columbus
  26. Arena Wine & Spirits 492 Armstrong Street, Columbus
  27. Giant Eagle 5461 New Albany Road West, Columbus
  28. Giant Eagle 6867 E Broad St, Columbus
  29. Kroger 1177 Polaris Parkway, Columbus
  30. Weiland's Market 3600 Indianola Avenue, Columbus
  31. Giant Eagle 2687 State Road, Cuyahoga Falls
  32. Fine Wine & True Spirits 6080 Wilmington Pike, Dayton
  33. Kroger 1840 Columbus Pike, Delaware
  34. Kroger 7625 Sawmill Rd, Dublin
  35. Giant Eagle 6700 Perimeter Loop Rd, Dublin
  36. Chateau Wine & Spirits 6665 Sawmill Road, Dublin
  37. Kroger 885 Union Blvd., Englewood
  38. Jungle Jim's International Market 5440 Dixie Highway, Fairfield
  39. Beverage Barn 1901 Tiffin Ave, Findlay
  40. Giant Eagle 1250 North Hamilton Road, Gahanna
  41. That's The Spirit 8039 State Street, Garrettsville
  42. Kroger 2525 Hilliard Rome Road, Hilliard
  43. Arrow Wine Stores 2950 Far Hills Ave, Kettering
  44. Simone's Beverage & Deli 18414-26 Detroit Ave, Lakewood
  45. Giant Eagle 1394 Ety Shops Way, Lancaster
  46. Giant Eagle 55 Meadow Park Ave. Orange Twp., Lewis Center
  47. Kroger 31550 Chieftain Drive, Logan
  48. O'Bryan's Wine & Spirits 8972 Columbia Road Unit A, Loveland
  49. Giant Eagle 25105 Cedar Rd., Lyndhurst
  50. Spirits of Madeira 6917-19 Miami Ave., Madeira
  51. Arrow Wine & Spirits 6061 Radio Way, Mason
  52. Pauken Wine & Liquor 221 Golden Gate Shopping Center, Maumee
  53. Golden Gate Beverag. & Liquor 6105 Mayfield Road, Mayfield Heights
  54. World Wines And Liquor 8760 Mentor Avenue, Mentor
  55. Giant Eagle 6869 Southland Drive, Middleburg Heights
  56. Giant Eagle 27264 Lorain Road, North Olmsted
  57. Giant Eagle 34325 Center Ridge Road, North Ridgeville
  58. Royal Park Beverage 12770 Royalton Road, North Royalton
  59. Giant Eagle 290 Aurora Rd, Northfield
  60. Giant Eagle 7400 Broadview Road, Parma
  61. Giant Eagle 7939 Day Drive, Parma
  62. Pat O'Brien's Fine Wines 30800 Pine Tree Drive, Pepper Pike
  63. Kroger 1045 Hill Road North, Pickerington
  64. Giant Eagle 873 Refugee Rd., Pickerington
  65. Ale Wine and Spirits 7560 Guardwell Street, Powell
  66. Minotti's Rocky River Wine Shop 19831 Detroit Rd, Rocky River
  67. Giant Eagle 4260 Sr 44 Unit 1, Rootstown
  68. Giant Eagle 34310 Aurora Road, Solon
  69. Springboro Spirits 748 Gardner Rd., Springboro
  70. Giant Eagle 1280 State Route 303, Streetsboro
  71. Giant Eagle 15919 Pearl Rd, Strongsville
  72. Joseph's Beverage Center 4129 Talmadge Road, Toledo
  73. Giant Eagle 3061 Kingsdale Center, Upper Arlington
  74. Giant Eagle 825 Ambassador Dr., Wadsworth
  75. Kroger 7345 S.R. 3 Genoa Twp., Westerville
  76. Giant Eagle 30275 Detroit Rd., Westlake
  77. Kroger 60 Worthington Mall, Worthington
  78. The Hills Market 7860 Olentangy River Rd., Worthington
As of the end of the day yesterday, CLASSIC MALTS - STRONG PACK was in these 128 stores. Give them a call or a visit soon and they may still have the product before it gets sent off to the Last Call locations.
  1. Lake's Beverage 3963 S. Main Street, Akron
  2. Silver Spirits Liquor Agency 1482 North Portage Path, Akron
  3. Cork and Brew 349 West Market Street, Akron
  4. Leprechaun Party House 2707 Manchester Rd., Akron
  5. Giant Eagle 1800 W. State Street, Alliance
  6. Giant Eagle 2201 Kresge Drive, Amherst
  7. GS Spirits 2302 Metcalf Drive, Ashtabula
  8. Kroger 919 East State Street, Athens
  9. Aurora Spirits 312 Aurora Commons Circle, Aurora
  10. Wine Reserve Of Aurora 1029 Aurora Road, Aurora
  11. Giant Eagle 31990 Walker Road, Avon Lake
  12. Giant Eagle 24601 Chagrin Blvd.-Liq Dept., Beachwood
  13. Kroger 1094 North Main Street, Bowling Green
  14. Giant Eagle 4343 E. Royalton Road, Broadview Heights
  15. Giant Eagle 3440 Center Road, Brunswick
  16. Top Shelf 7257 Fulton Dr NW, Canton
  17. Rocky's Wine & Beverage 3616 Cleveland Avenue South, Canton
  18. Fishers Foods 5215 Fulton Drive Nw Jackson Twp, Canton
  19. Lakeview Carry Out 103 East Logan Street, Celina
  20. Wine Reserve 16785 Chillicothe Rd, Chagrin Falls
  21. Giant Eagle 351 Center St, Chardon
  22. Jungle Jim's 4450 Eastgate South Blvd, Cincinnati
  23. Cincy Liquors 7617 Reading Road Unit D, Cincinnati
  24. Kroger 1 West Corry Street, Cincinnati
  25. Hyde Park Wine And Spirits 2719 Madison Road, Cincinnati
  26. Kroger 3760 Paxton Avenue, Cincinnati
  27. Westside Liquor 2315 Ferguson Rd, Cincinnati
  28. Kroger 7578 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati
  29. Giant Eagle 3050 W. 117Th St., Cleveland
  30. Zagara's Marketplace 1940 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights
  31. Northwest Wine and Spirits 821 Bethel Road, Columbus
  32. Galloway Wine & Spirits 950 Galloway Rd, Columbus
  33. Kroger 1375 Chambers, Columbus
  34. Giant Eagle 4747 Sawmill Road, Columbus
  35. Giant Eagle 840 W 3rd Ave, Columbus
  36. Kroger 150 W Sycamore Street, Columbus
  37. Kroger 3600 Soldano Blvd, Columbus
  38. Chateau Wine & Spirits 2131 Polaris Parkway, Columbus
  39. Kroger 199 Graceland Blvd, Columbus
  40. Arena Wine & Spirits 492 Armstrong Street, Columbus
  41. Giant Eagle 5461 New Albany Road West, Columbus
  42. Giant Eagle 6867 E Broad St, Columbus
  43. Kroger 1177 Polaris Parkway, Columbus
  44. Weiland's Market 3600 Indianola Avenue, Columbus
  45. Giant Eagle 6700 Hayden Run Road, Columbus-Hilliard
  46. Buehlers 830 S. Second Street, Coshocton
  47. Kork & Kap 135 E Main St, Crestline
  48. Giant Eagle 2687 State Road, Cuyahoga Falls
  49. Liquor and Wine Warehouse 3440 York Commons Blvd, Dayton
  50. Fine Wine & True Spirits 6080 Wilmington Pike, Dayton
  51. Kroger 1840 Columbus Pike, Delaware
  52. Giant Eagle 515 Union Ave., Dover
  53. Giant Eagle 6700 Perimeter Loop Rd, Dublin
  54. Chateau Wine & Spirits 6665 Sawmill Road, Dublin
  55. Discount Tobacco & Beverage 34722 Vine Street, Eastlake
  56. Kroger 885 Union Blvd., Englewood
  57. Jungle Jim's International Market 5440 Dixie Highway, Fairfield
  58. 1837 Wine and Spirits Emporium 1383 E. Johnstown Road, Gahanna
  59. Giant Eagle 1250 North Hamilton Road, Gahanna
  60. Giant Eagle 5744 Transportation Blvd., Garfield Heights
  61. Giant Eagle 2173 Stringtown Road, Grove City
  62. Kroger 2525 Hilliard Rome Road, Hilliard
  63. Miami Wine and Liquor 6565 Brandt Pike, Huber Heights
  64. Wine & Liquor Depot 96 E. Coshocton Street, Johnstown
  65. Arrow Wine Stores 2950 Far Hills Ave, Kettering
  66. Simone's Beverage & Deli 18414-26 Detroit Ave, Lakewood
  67. Giant Eagle 1394 Ety Shops Way, Lancaster
  68. Giant Eagle 55 Meadow Park Ave. Orange Twp., Lewis Center
  69. O'Bryan's Wine & Spirits 8972 Columbia Road Unit A, Loveland
  70. Giant Eagle 25105 Cedar Rd., Lyndhurst
  71. Spirits of Madeira 6917-19 Miami Ave., Madeira
  72. Kroger 1240 Park Ave West, Mansfield
  73. Arrow Wine & Spirits 6061 Radio Way, Mason
  74. Walt Churchill's Market 3320 Briarfield Blvd., Maumee
  75. Golden Gate Beverage & Liquor 6105 Mayfield Road, Mayfield Heights
  76. Buehler's 3626 Medina Road Montville Township, Medina
  77. Buehler's - North Court Beverage 998 North Court St, Medina
  78. World Wines And Liquor 8760 Mentor Avenue, Mentor
  79. Giant Eagle 6869 Southland Drive, Middleburg Heights
  80. Lehr's Prime Market 740 Main St, Milford
  81. The Wine Connection 1258 S.R. 28 Miami Twp., Milford
  82. Kroger 1155 21St Street, Newark
  83. Giant Eagle 1955 & 1959 East Maple Street, North Canton
  84. ACME 1474 N Main St, North Canton
  85. Chalet Premier 10000 Market Street-Beaver Twp., North Lima
  86. Cap and Corks 25141 Lorain Rd., North Olmsted
  87. Giant Eagle 27264 Lorain Road, North Olmsted
  88. Giant Eagle 34325 Center Ridge Road, North Ridgeville
  89. Royal Park Beverage 12770 Royalton Road, North Royalton
  90. Johnny's Carry Out & Wine Shop 12290 Sr 58 North Russia Twp., Oberlin
  91. Oxford Spirits 21 Lynn Avenue Unit 108, Oxford
  92. Giant Eagle 7400 Broadview Road, Parma
  93. Giant Eagle 7939 Day Drive, Parma
  94. Pat O'Brien's Fine Wines 30800 Pine Tree Drive, Pepper Pike
  95. Rite Aid Discount Pharmacy 1175 Louisiana Ave., Perrysburg
  96. Giant Eagle 873 Refugee Rd., Pickerington
  97. Giant Eagle 4000 West Powell Rd, Powell
  98. Ale Wine and Spirits 7560 Guardwell Street, Powell
  99. Kroger 6580 East Main Street, Reynoldsburg
  100. Corkscrew Johnny's 2542 Brecksville Road, Richfield
  101. Minotti's Rocky River Wine Shop 19831 Detroit Rd, Rocky River
  102. Giant Eagle 4260 Sr 44 Unit 1, Rootstown
  103. Giant Eagle 34310 Aurora Road, Solon
  104. Keg n Cork Beverage Center 1115 Mitchell Blvd., Springfield
  105. Wine Works 1550 Commerce Road, Springfield
  106. Giant Eagle 4300 Kent Road, Stow
  107. Giant Eagle 1700 Norton Road, Stow
  108. Giant Eagle 1280 State Route 303, Streetsboro
  109. Giant Eagle 15919 Pearl Rd, Strongsville
  110. Gill's Beverage And Deli 13923 Prospect Rd, Strongsville
  111. Marino's Beverage Depot 5829 C Monroe Street, Sylvania
  112. Joseph's Beverage Center 4129 Talmadge Road, Toledo
  113. Twinsburg Beverage 9224 Darrow Rd Units F & G, Twinsburg
  114. Green Road Liquor 2181 South Green Rd, University Heights
  115. Giant Eagle 3061 Kingsdale Center, Upper Arlington
  116. Giant Eagle 4453 E. Liberty Avenue, Vermilion
  117. Giant Eagle 825 Ambassador Dr., Wadsworth
  118. Beckett Wine & Liquor 8211 Princeton Glendale Rd, West Chester
  119. Kroger 55 W. Schrock, Westerville
  120. Kroger 7345 S.R. 3 Genoa Twp., Westerville
  121. Giant Eagle 30275 Detroit Rd., Westlake
  122. Giant Eagle 36475 Euclid Avenue, Willoughby
  123. Shoregate Beverage & Liquor 30498 Lake Shore Blvd, Willowick
  124. Buehler's Milltown 3540 Burbank Road, Wooster
  125. Kroger 60 Worthington Mall, Worthington
  126. The Hills Market 7860 Olentangy River Rd., Worthington
  127. Wine Cellar 105 S. Meridian Road, Youngstown
  128. A & C Southway Beverage 45 South Ave 1St Fl, Youngstown
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2020.08.29 18:20 IdolA29Augl Fa-st G-ay Spe-ed Da-ting Minn-esota

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2020.08.28 19:16 IdolA28Augl G-ay Da-ting Matc-hmaker

G-ay Da-ting Matc-hmaker
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2020.08.15 03:48 Gerc09 Finding a Date without using a Dating Site

I'm from Dublin, been single for most part of 3 year now. I'm very reluctant to use dating sites as I've always girls when I've been out, enjoy the old fashioned way I guess.
Bit of a back story to it I suppose, I was in a really long term relationship and got screwed over badly and I've a kid going on 3 next month so I don't want to plaster my face on these websites and I guess I've kinda gone into myself over the past 3 years and lost confidence.
I mean if someone messaged me on fb privately it would be different I guess, I just can't bring myself to join a dating specific website.
The lock down here has obviously limited chances to go out and meet people and go on dates.
Is anyone else like this or am I by my self with this opinion.
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2020.07.27 12:45 27JJulbarium How to Find Someone on a Da-ting We-bsite ?

How to Find Someone on a Da-ting We-bsite ?
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2020.07.26 07:57 NoMoreNicksLeft More thoughts on collecting ebooks

ISBN numbers

For those unaware, ISBN numbers are 10 (and later 13) digit numbers assigned to books to uniquely identify them. In theory, they don't just identify a title, but rather a specific edition of it. For a typical modern book, this might be many such numbers... an author will sell his book to a US publisher, who prints a hardback edition (that's one ISBN), then releases it in paperback (another ISBN), then sell it to the UK publisher (yet another), who also releases paperbacks (one again). If years later the rights get sold to another publisher, those will get their own as well.
But about the year 2000 (plus or minus a few years), we started to see ebooks appear. In theory, those also get their own numbers, separate from paperback and hardback. On some titles, I'm even seeing 3 different ISBNs for ebooks. One for .epub format, another for Amazon Kindle, and a third which says "Acrobat Reader" (which I'm assuming is PDF, but that's unclear to me). However, for any early ebooks (release on up to about 2004), sometimes it seems like they use the same one as the paper edition (and these things are cheap too, like $1 for each number for a publisher). I guess they were still figuring things out then.
Most ebooks seem to use the 13 digit numbers (starting with 978-). Some are still showing the 10 digit. I've just learned (derp) that these are equivalent, a 13 digit ISBN is just the 10 digit with three more digits on the lefthand (and the rightmost digit changes because it's a checksum). If you're annoyed with using 10 digits in the filename, you can convert a 10 digit to a 13 digit and they are perfectly valid. There's even an online app to do that:
Finally, it turns out that many books don't just have them. Period. Obviously if you're collecting old 16th century grimoires they won't, but you wouldn't expect it for fiction would you?
I first became aware of them missing a few years ago. For those of you familiar with Magic The Gathering (a card game with a theme of magic and wizards and crap like that) there's actually a story behind it. And in the last 10 years or so, there's even been some stories written to that effect. Not fan fiction (not exactly anyway, it's hardly high art) and officially endorsed... I think you can even download it off of their site.
I don't want to be one of those assholes that says "no big loss", but it is sort of marginal. A problem to figure out later maybe. But here I am trying to collect all of Harry Turtledove's bibliography, and I discover that some of his works don't have them either.
Some of his novellas are apparently released for free on (Tor being a somehwat major imprint for science fiction). And since they're not printing them, I guess they don't bother to actually register an ISBN. Ugh.
If anyone has any ideas on what code/number to use for this, I'm all ears. Keep in mind that it should be fairly short and use a restricted set of symbols so it can be used in computer filenames. I'm stumped myself.

Unique Identifiers

Ebooks pose particular challenges... they aren't published once like paper books. Granted, sometimes a popular novel will be reprinted, but even then it's essentially the same as the first printing. Typesetting a book, editing, these all cost money and they didn't use to do that more than once. But with ebooks, if someone notices a type in chapter 14 they send off an email, and 12 weeks later some jackass in the publishing company has fixed it and pushed it to the repo, and now anyone who buys it will get version 3.16 with the typo fixed. It's cheap to fix them, and the version you buy today might not be the exact same I buy tomorrow.
It would be useful to know which version is which.
The good news is that at least some publishers are including that version number on the colophon (copyright page) in it. But only some. Ballantine (science fiction and fantasy mostly) seems to be good about this. Scribner (Simon & Schuster) not so good. Everyone else is hit and miss.
So, when I set the filename, I'm setting it something like this:
Night Shift - 9780385528849 (1978, v3.0_r6) - King, Stephen 
I'm including the ISBN first, as it's the primary identifier. Then in parentheses I'm including the publishing date (of the ebook, not when the book was first released necessarily). Sometimes that's not strictly available either, so I use whatever the highest year is that appears in the colophon. For example:
It - 9781501141232 (2016) - King, Stephen.epub 
For those unfamiliar with the title, that one was first released long before 2016, but the insides of the ebook make it clear that was when the ebook was first released by Scribner.
Finally, if there's an actual version number, I include that too as in the first example. Not all style it exactly in that manner, I've seen quite a few "Version 1.0", but for the filename I'm rendering that as v1.0 for simplicity, brevity, and consistency.


I think if you go back to one of my old posts from a few years back, you'd see that I'm always putting the authors at the end in lastname/firstname order. When just two of them, I'm using the ampersand to connect, like so:
The Talisman - 9780345452405 (2001, v3.0) - King, Stephen & Straub, Peter.epub 
If there were 3 or more authors, I use commas between last and first name, and semicolons between authors except the final, something like:
Fake Book Title - 978xxxx (2020, v5.0) - Blow, Joe; Tyson, Mike & Doe, John.epub 
(Note: The order of the authors should match the front cover of the book, or if that's unavailable, the title page on the inside of the book.)
But I came across an interesting example the other night. One of the old Stephen King books was first printed with a bunch of color plate illustrations... and there's an ebook of that now. It has all the pictures (and it weighs in at 30mb, ouch). But one thing I didn't notice all those years ago when I had a copy of the physical book was that they credited the illustrator on the cover.
And I feel that should be included in the filename. If you can get your name on the front cover of a book, then that's what we should name the file. However, in some cases the name's not the name of the author proper. So how should you handle that?
There's already a convention. A list of codes for people who have contributed to a work, but aren't necessarily the author himself. It's part of the Dublin Core standard:
You can browse the list, but in my case the illustrator code is "ill". Another useful one that you'll probably see the most is "edt" for editor (if you like science fiction there's a tradition of putting out novel-sized books of short stories, each by a different author... none of which have their names on the cover. However a famous name will be on the cover as the "editor", use that for those).
So, we'd make that filename:
Cycle of the Werewolf - 978150114113 (2019) - King, Stephen & Wrightson, Bernie (ill).epub 
Note that though there is a code for "author", I'm not actually using those because I consider that the default. It's a book after all.

Omnibus Editions

For those of us who are completists (heh, as if any of us aren't), we'd like to have every mainstream work ever released by an author. At least for those authors we like.
With short stories, I won't bother to pursue a collection that has only short stories already found in those collections I've already got. (Publishers are aware of this, so they tended to always include at least one or two new ones... even back when things were all on paper.)
But there's also the issue of authors who put out series. Trilogies (and more-than-three-logies) and so forth. Occasionally these were released all in one very big book, supposing it could fit without falling apart (paperbacks were limited to maybe 1000 pages at most, and even those could be flimsy). But ebooks offer no such limitation... filesizes are still quite comfortable for any page-count anyone could ever manage. So I've seen lots of 2000 page omnibuses and even some that must be larger still.
I'm personally shying away from those, and trying to find the individual titles. I would suggest that others do the same. No one wants to read Game of Thrones all as a single title. And while your ebook software will certainly keep track of where you are in it, it just feels daunting to read that. Most of the people who ever read these will, I contend, be more comfortable completing the first 500 pages (or whatever) and knowing they've read the whole title. Then they can move on to book two if they choose, and start again. But to be 1200 pages in, and still have it unfinished will be much more difficult.
I would consider these omnibus editions only in specific circumstances. First, the individual editions must be significantly on the smaller side. And the collected/omnibus must still be on the not-absolutely-gargantuan side. Say, no more than 800-900 pages total (which was about the biggest most paperbacks ever got). So, if the individuals were novellas or very small novels (300 pages), then putting three of them together is acceptable. Finally though, for me to consider this there is one more rule... the individual books must not be available in any tolerable edition (someone's iphone pictures of the pages scribbled on a stained napkin in crayon aren't tolerable).
Also, you should probably be aware that there are examples of the opposite of omnibuses. Some books were so large (back in the day) that though they'd be released as a single edition in hardback when it came time to release them in paperback they'd be split in two and sold that way (not a bad deal if you're making a profit per unit... and it was the same number of printed pages either way). Greg Bear's Songs of Earth and Power was like this, I think. Raymond Feist's Magician was another. Maybe even the Tad Williams' books.
For those, ideally I'd like the full, complete version, rather than two separate files. Though, basically the same rules apply... if nothing else was available but the split versions, I'd have to make a judgement call.

On Retail Versions

Many places (of the "less commercial" sort) will list them as "retail". But then you open them and they look like shit. The cover art is messed up or wrong, etc.
Well, until very recently, many publishers weren't including those (and some, like Ballantine, were including these shitty green generic images that just had the title captioned in)... so someone probably decided to add the covers themselves. You can probably revert them to retail version yourself. But there's a reason why the other guy tried to fix it... because it's fugly, and though he did a poor job of it, he still put more effort in than the publisher themselves.
You can determine if this is the case by opening the .epub in Calibre's ebook editing app (this may be the only good part of Calibre if you ask me). It lists the internal files on the lefthand side. They can be named almost anything... but if the person added a cover image and they did it with Calibre, then at the very top the file will be named titlepage.xhtml. This seems to be a signature of that app adding a cover image.
And you can change it rather simply too. It the Tools menu, about halfway down there is an entry called "Add Cover". It opens a dialog, and you can import another image.
If you do this, I have several recommendations. First, you find the matching cover for that publisher and edition. Or, in some cases fan art might be good (there's some surprisingly good stuff on Deviant Art). This image should be at most 500 pixels tall, but not much less than that... 450 is ok if that's the best you can find, but 230 pixels tall is just crap.
Finally, if anyone would like to offer an opinion on whether we should be doing that... please speak up. I'm not sure how I feel about it myself.
Another thing to mention... if you're one of those people who is including their own name in it (in the retail version, not a scan job), then die in a fire and drown in shit. It's not a goddamned bathroom stall door. Enough with the graffiti.

On Genres

In case my choice of examples doesn't make it clear, I'm a science fiction and fantasy nerd. Shouldn't have been difficult to guess.
Usually, this makes it easy. For those who haven't read my other posts (or who don't recognize my username), I'm a big proponent of UDC (or Universal Decimal Classification, a Dewey-Decimal-like system). UDC puts almost all fiction in one place (in the 800s), and with a few subcategories for genre. And those are simple too. Something like...
82-3 - Fiction (081)1.9 - Science fiction (collections, single author) (081)3.3 - Horror (collections, single author) (082)1.9 - Science fiction (collections, multiple authors) 11.9 - Science fiction novels 12.9 - Fantasy novels 13.3 - Horror & supernatural thriller novels 
Within those, I'm doing the standard, subfolders A-Z, and within those subfolders for each author. Stephen King will go in 13.3 even if a few of his novels are science-fictiony, even if a few of those are fantasy-esque. Whatever else they are, he's going for horrosupernatural primarily.
But other authors aren't entirely easy to pigeon-hole. Turtledove does just two kinds... his first are "alternate history" of the "what would have happened if the Japanese had invaded Hawaii and attempted to occupy it instead" nature. That's straight up science fiction to me. But nearly half of the rest are "this world vaguely like the Roman empire but not on Earth, and there are dragons and magic". That's straight-up fantasy.
Do I split up his stuff in two different places? Maybe with a "see also x" pointing to his other stuff? Can't quite do that so well on the filesystem side of things (symlinks can be overused). And I'm not yet at a point where I have a decent setup in Nextcloud to do that there either.
I like the author alot, and intend to read much more of his stuff (now that I don't have to fill a room full of used paperbacks hoarder-style to do it). But even then, I can't read everything of his, and since I haven't read it, I don't always know which genre it is. And that's for an author I know very well, for others that I'm just collecting, it becomes daunting to determine genre on a book-by-book basis.
Nor can I just dump everything into one bucket. People like what they like, and no one who reads science fiction wants to browse through 10,000 Tom Clancy and John Grisham (or god help me, Dan Brown) novels to find them. Nor would anyone who wants to find Dan Brown and John Grisham novels will want to browse through 10,000 Stephen King books (exaggeration, he doesn't have more than about 9300).
We need a resource that would help us with genres, but that's not Wikipedia. I wish there was a way to collaborate... if I get it figured out for this guy's or that guy's bibliography, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to use it. Or vice versa. It's only daunting work if we all have to recreate it from scratch ourselves even though it's already been done.

On Science Fiction

I've decided quite arbitrarily that both "dystopian" and "alternate history" fiction are also science fiction. Even if they don't include any other science fiction tropes. Turtledove's Worldwar series is definitely science fiction (aliens invade in 1940, right when everyone else is fighting), but his Southern Victory series is also despite that there are no other elements of science fiction (history just diverges because of some small thing, there are no ray guns or spaceships or anything else). And likewise... if there is an end-of-world scenario or a book about the aftermath of such a doomsday... that's science fiction too. It makes for some strange classifications, who would have thought of The Hunger Games as science fiction?
Fantasy is fairly straightforward too. If there are elements of magic, it is fantasy. Vampires? Fantasy (unless it's bad romance). Werewolves? Fantasy. Witches, wizards, spells, unicorns, elves. All fantasy.
There are exceptions. If the magic is touted specifically as "psychic powers" (and there is no other kind of magic), then it is science fiction. I don't want Isaac Asimov in fantasy, just because someone's telekinetic in the story.
Horror is anything that is meant to scare you, disturb you, or creep you out. Purely psychological stuff, or supernatural. Stephen King is almost always horror, even when it could be something else. If it takes place in a prison, it's still trying to scare you with existential crap. If it's kids finding a dead body, same thing. If the CIA is experimenting with drugs to turn people into psychic warriors and an 8 yr old Drew Barrymore can start fires with her mind using bad physics, still horror.
A weird artifact of this way of thinking is that comedy is totally besides the point. Douglas Adams is still science fiction, despite it being funny as hell. Terry Brooks is still fantasy, despite the same.
Finally, it should be said that it's tough to not moralize... I keep wanting to create a new category for shitty writing for Dan Brown, but I'm trying my best to remain neutral. I'm just organizing this stuff, not telling people what they should want to read.

Stephen King's The Dark Tower Series

I can't ask in books for obvious reasons. I've found good retail versions of these books, they even have good cover images (though not the ones I remember as a kid). However, they do not have the color plates in them (likely the artwork had separate rights/contracts, and so they can't include them without renegotiating).
I have found suitable copies of the artwork for these. I want to attempt to put them back in the epubs myself. (If I ever trade with any of you guys, I'll make it clear that they have been modified from the original). But I don't know where to include them... I no longer have physical copies of them. I don't want to just chuck them in randomly, it'd be nice to know which one goes at what page number (or maybe chapter... page numbers don't mean much in .epub format). Can anyone help with that, or does anyone know where I might find help with that?
Additionally, I've almost got the complete collection (find it on if you can get there). The only book I'm really missing is the original version of the stand. For those of you unfamiliar, he re-released it in the late 1980s after having Lucased it up quite a bit). I've got the lucased-up version, but the original would be difficult in the extreme to come by. If someone knows of a scanned-version, I'd be extremely grateful to hear about it. I'd probably end up re-typesetting it myself.


Have any of your guys went and looked at the paperbacks (and/or magazines) section of a grocery store lately? It's depressing. It'd be my favorite place to hang out while mom was grocery shopping... now it's a pale imitation of what it used to be. I don't know if it's sad, but alot of what I decided I wanted to read came from there. I mean I realize that this gave alot of control to the people who decided what ended up on those shelves, but it's so hard to discover new stuff now days. I have access to tens of thousands of books (and I can afford them, so to speak), and I no longer know what to get.
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2020.07.19 23:49 CatchThisEye First time, very stressed. A gaming PC, 1800€ budget.

Hey guys, I’m a 20 year old college student, live in Dublin, and I’ve been saving up for a while to get a pc. I was gonna get it from a website that build PCs, it’s called Now I’m thinking of building my own and I haven’t mustered up the courage to pull the trigger and do it, I’m worried I’ll mess it up or something. Any help or advice will be more than appreciated.
What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.

Mainly gaming and a bunch of college essays, I play R6, modern warfare, F1 2020, and GTA, I also plan on buying Cyberpunk if the build can handle it.

What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?


When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.

I’ll have the full budget anytime this next week and I’ll order as soon as I have it

What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)

Tower only

Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?

I live in Ireland, Dublin. would be cool if I could get all the parts from a single website so as to be more organised with the delivery. Websites with quicker delivery would be great, I don’t mind paying extra if all the parts come in less than a week.

If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.

Currently have a Razer Blackwidow Elite as well as a Deathadder Elite, a Kraken V2, and an Alienware aw2521hfl 240Hz monitor.

Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?

No most likely not.

Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)

A decent sized SSD would be cool.

Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?

I like the tame look of the NZXT H500 white case, it’s very simple. also, a white case is a must to fit with the white Alienware monitor.

Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?


Extra info or particulars:
It’s my first time and I am so so so stressed that something will go wrong, I am solely motivated by the price difference, and how I could get more for my budget if I build my own. Thank you all in advance for your great work and well appreciated time!
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2020.07.16 16:46 Throwraway75 Worried that my [28/F] ex-boyfriend [30/M] will expose all my dirty secrets to current boyfriend [29/M] (of 9 months. I don’t know if I should tell him first or let things go. I did a lot of bad things that current SO isn’t aware of

Things moved very quickly between me and my current SO. We live in an expensive city and my roommate bolted to her parent's place, leaving me with the rent. Our landlord was happy to take the place over and so my boyfriend offered to host me at his place. At first it was me living out of a suitcase, then out of a drawer and by now I take up about half the space. We're happy and have spoken at length about me staying permanently since moving out would feel so odd. So far, I'm as happy a clam.
The problem is my ex-fiance whom I left 5 years ago. We met when we were both still heavily involved in religion, which kind of skewed how I saw dating and relationships. To back it up, both my parents are immigrants - my mom met my father in Ireland, my mom being Irish and my father being Iraqi. Both are devout Christians - my mom Catholic and father Orthodox Christian. They found that things were too difficult for them in Dublin and then moved together to the US where my father did his PhD.
My parents raised us as Christians with both Catholic and Orthodox traditions. They sent me and my siblings to an evangelical protestant school which is where I met "Matt". Matt and I started courting in sophomore year high school. We got engaged when I was 18 (he had just turned 20) and then things became all too real. Matt was happy never having traveled or experiencing anything and I realized that we just weren't compatible. He wasn't going to submit a college application or ever take that part of his life seriously. I was studying to be a nurse and he just couldn't fathom ever going back to school. That nuked the relationship, but he wouldn't let it, or me, go. I was too young to realize how pathological the whole thing was basically was. We piloted a world's first "broken up" relationship where we would routinely check-in with each other, spend time together, attend events together, but we were "single." He would then make overtures to get me back. I moved on and got as far away from him as I could.
I got a new apartment and made a clean break. To pay my rent I wanted to avoid any loans or borrowing so I did some things I knew could get me some quick cash. I did cam work for my sophomore, junior and part of my senior years. That led to some issues, him confronting me, humiliating me in front of people, a DUI, a restraining order, some porn work, not being able to take the boards, appealing, then becoming an RN and moving on with my life.
In the middle, there was a lot of drama, a mugshot (which got posted online and is still fucking up) and my ex basically telling my family I was a sex worker. It caused a meltdown in our family and my relationship with them still isn't 100%.
Every so often, Matt comes around and warns me that he'll disclose the truth. Matt has never married, seems to be in/out of relationships with some regularity, so his behavior seems vindictive. He managed to capture some photos I really do not want spread and has a raft of other "evidence" against me. He has threatened but never disclosed this information.
Things are incredibly serious with my current SO who has, for better or worse, never Googled my name as my mugshot pops up (though, not the first hit). I don't really know what to do or how much I should disclose to my current SO. I don't really want to go through the whole sordid story, but there's enough photos out there that he could stumble across it.
I don't know how to disclose this information, I don't know if it's even relevant and honestly I don't know how to deal with Matt anymore who feels more and more like some online troll rather than a real person.
I'd like people's advice. No one at work knows about my past profession and only a few people have stumbled on the mugshot, so it hasn't really come up at work either, but it's now expunged from my record.
- How do I tell him?
- Am I obligated to tell my current SO?
- Do you have any advice on dealing with someone like Matt who likes to troll people?
tl;dr did a lot of bad things, including porn, DUI, breaking-off engagement and don't know how/if I should tell current SO. Ex-fiance threatens to tell my partners about my past and it's something I don't want to bring up anymore.
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2020.07.12 20:36 sarafinapink On Dublin Street Amazon Sale + a Few others

Saw On Dublin Street for sale this morning on Amazon for $1.99 and picked it up finally. It's a pretty popular contemporary, especially on Goodreads. Somewhat cold heroine not looking for a relationship and a very persuasive hero who eventually gets her to start a FWB relationship. Start of a very popular series. Amazon Link

A few other deals that caught my eye:
Was a good morning for book buying so hope you all enjoy!
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2020.07.11 08:39 JamiroFan2000 The COMPLETE Year-By-Year Jamiroquai Tour History META Year #13-#14 2004-2005

Hello Jamiroquai!
This is the tenth META post for a new expansive series I have been wanting to do for some time for the subreddit, "The COMPLETE Year-By-Year Jamiroquai Tour History META'! This information will be eventually added to the Jamiroquai WIKI Page in it's entirety in the future but for the time being, it will be a recurring post series.
All of this information is being imparted to us from the Funkin Site fansite, massive thanks to my pal David Rowe for collecting all this important tour information during the nearly past +30 years of the band history, I hope everyone in the Reddit Jamily enjoys this & MUCH MORE TO COME! Cheers Reddit Jamily!


The COMPLETE Year-By-Year Jamiroquai Tour History META Year #13-#14: 2004-2005:


Date Of Gig Country Concert & Additional Info
01 Apr 04 (Thu) UK, London, Royal Albert Hall, Teenage Cancer Trust Concert Performed: I'm In The Mood For Love. Jay performed the track with Jools Holland (with whom he released as a single in 2001) at the Royal Albert Hall in London, as part of a series of concerts in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.


Date Of Gig Country Concert & Additional Info
14 Feb 05 (Mon) USA, Los Angeles, Sony BMG Conference Jamiroquai performed four tracks at a private event for Sony BMG. The band performed in front of around 50-60 people.
15 Mar 05 (Tue) UK, London, Shaw Theatre, Sony BMG UK Conference Jamiroquai performed at a private event for Sony BMG. The band played to around 450 people from the music industry. Richard Murphy played bass at this gig, the first live performance since Nick Fyffe left the band.
19 Mar 05 (Sat) UK, London, The Park Lane Hotel, Gizmondo UK Launch Party Performed: Canned Heat, Seven Days in Sunny June, Electric Mistress, High Times, Feels Just Like It Should, Alright, Travelling Without Moving. Jamiroquai performed at the launch party for the Gizmondo media/phone/games unit. Richard Murphy played bass at this gig.
28 Apr 05 (Thu) UK, London, [email protected] (recording date) Performed: Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Seven Days In Sunny June, Space Cowboy, Starchild. This was a private recording of five tracks for future broadcast by AOL. This was Paul Turner's first official live "gig" with Jamiroquai.
06 May 05 (Fri) UK, London (Shepherds Bush), Top Of The Pops (tv) (recording date) Performed: Feels Just Like It Should, Seven Days in Sunny June. Jamiroquai recorded tracks for future broadcast on UK television show Top Of The Pops. Feels Just Like It Should was first broadcast on 20 May 2005.
07 May 05 (Sat) UK, London (Hammersmith), CD:UK (tv) (recording date) Performed: Seven Days, Feels Just Like It Should, Starchild. Jamiroquai recorded three tracks for future broadcast on UK television show CD:UK. Feels Just Like It Should broadcast on 4 June. Starchild broadcast on 18 June.
08 May 05 (Sun) UK, Sunderland, Penshaw Monument, Herrington Park, BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend Performed: Revolution 1993, Little L, Space Cowboy, Canned Heat, Alright, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground. Jamiroquai headlined the main stage on the second and final day of this free music festival for BBC Radio 1. Approximately 15,000 people attended each day of the event.
13 May 05 (Fri) UK, London, Gumball 3000 Rally Premiere Party This is a private party to celebrate the both the start of the Gumball 3000 Rally from Central London on the following day, and follows the Gumball 3000 Film Premiere of a film entitled '6 Days in May'. During the performance there was a power outage!
17 May 05 (Tue) UK, London, Cirque, Dynamite UK Launch Party Jamiroquai performed at the launch party for the new album in front of an invited audience.
26 May 05 (Thu) UK, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (tv) (recording date) Performed: Feels Just Like It Should. Interview with Jay and performance of Feels Just Like It Should (broadcast on 27 May 2005)
28 May 05 (Sat) Japan, Tokyo (Harajyuku), National Yoyogi Stadium No. 1 Gymnasium, MTV The Super Dry Live 2005 Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Feels Just Like It Should, Little L
28 May 05 (Sat) Japan, Tokyo (Shibuya), DUO Music Exchange, Jay Kay calling Following the performance the same day for MTV The Super Drive Live 2005 event, Jamiroquai performed a handful of tracks at the DUO Music Exchange.
29 May 05 (Sun) Japan, MTV Video Music Awards Japan Performed: Cosmic Girl, Feels Just Like It Should
01 Jun 05 (Wed) France, Paris, La Cigale Performed: Love Foolosophy, Space Cowboy, Dynamite, Seven Days In Sunny June, Alright, Feels Just Like It Should, Little L, Canned Heat, Starchild, Deeper Underground. A number of tickets for this low key promotional concert for Dynamite were made available online on 20 May, although problems with the website meant that it was particularly difficult to buy tickets. The gig sold out the same day.
04 Jun 05 (Sat) Italy, Torino, Piazza Castello, Festivalbar (recording date) Performed: Feels Just Like It Should. Jamiroquai performed along with over 20 other artists at this event. This was a full playback performance.
14 Jun 05 (Tue) UK, Later with Jools Holland (recording date) Performed: Feels Just Like It Should, Seven Days in Sunny June, Black Devil Car. This performance was first broadcast on 17 June 2005.
20 Jun 05 (Mon) Hungary, Budapest, Pecsa Hall Performed: Intro (like on the AFO Tour), Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Too Young To Die, Corner Of The Earth, Music Of The Mind (as an outro of COTE, 2-3 minutes long), Feels Just Like It Should, Dynamite, Love Foolosophy, Seven Days In Sunny June, Mr. Moon, Black Devil Car, Alright, Emergency On Planet Earth, Deeper Underground (encore). This is an open-air venue and is the day Dynamite is released in Europe
21 Jun 05 (Tue) Serbia, Belgrade, Belgrade Fair Arena No Info
23 Jun 05 (Thu) Bosnia, Sarajevo, Skenderija No Info
25 Jun 05 (Sat) Croatia, Pula, Arena Performed: Intro, Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Too Young To Die, Corner Of The Earth, Music Of The Mind, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, High Times, Butterfly, Use the Force, Seven Days In Sunny June, Black Devil Car, Alright, Virtual Insanity, Deeper Underground
26 Jun 05 (Sun) Slovenia, CANCELLED: Ljubljana, Hala Tivoli On 6 June 2005 the Eventim SI ticketing website announced that the concert was cancelled. This was due to poor ticket sales.
02 Jul 05 (Sat) France, CANCELLED: Paris, Palais de Versailles, Live 8 When the Live 8 concerts were originally announced, Jamiroquai were "confirmed" to play in Paris. Within days of the announcement Jay was reported as saying "I don't know anything about playing Live 8 and nor does anyone at my record label. Apparently it's been announced that we will be playing in Paris, but it's news to us and certainly no one's asked me to appear." Live 8 is part of a day of action across the world which kick-starts The Long Walk to Justice that calls on the leaders of the world's richest countries to act when they meet in Gleneagles on 6th-9th July 2005. On July 2nd in cities around the world, millions will be coming together to call for complete debt cancellation, more and better aid and trade justice for the world's poorest people.
03 Jul 05 (Sun) UK, London, Clapham Common, B-Live Performed: Intro (Elecric Mistress), Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Too Young To Die, Electric Mistress, Corner Of The Earth, Music Of The Mind, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Mr Moon, Dynamite, Butterfly, Use The Force, Seven Days In Sunny June, Starchild, Alright, Virtual Insanity, Deeper Underground. Jamiroquai headlined the final day of this three day open-air event held in London. Support acts included The Brand New Heavies and Amy Winehouse. In addition to the regular band setup, saxaphone and flute was played by Nathan Haines, who plays on parts of Dynamite.
09 Jul 05 (Sat) Austria, Nr. Vienna, Nuke Festival No Info
10 Jul 05 (Sun) Switzerland, Locarno, Piazza Grande, Moon and Stars Festival No Info
12 Jul 05 (Tue) Italy, Genova, Arena Del Mare No Info
14 Jul 05 (Thu) Italy, Modena, Parco Novi Sad, Mu.Vi Summer Festival Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Corner Of The Earth, Music Of The Mind, Feels Just Like It Should, Emergency On Planet Earth, Use The Force, Seven Days in Sunny June, Travelling Without Moving, Mr Moon, Dynamite, Love Foolosophy, Alright, Virtual Insanity, Deeper Underground
15 Jul 05 (Fri) Italy, Lucca, Town Square, Summer Festival 2005 No Info
17 Jul 05 (Sun) Italy, Naples, Piazza Plebiscito, Cornetto Free Music Festival Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Revolution 1993 (with Music Of The Mind instrumental), Cosmic Girl, Little L, Feels Just Like It Should, Use The Force, Love Foolosophy, Seven Days In Sunny June, Virtual Insanity, Alright, Deeper Underground. Jamiroquai headlined this free event where they performed alongside Joss Stone and US3.
18 Jul 05 (Mon) Italy, Rome, RomaRock Festival Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, High Times, Corner Of The Earth (Percussion Solo), Dynamite, Use The Force, Seven Days In Sunny June, Love Foolosophy, Emergency On Planet Earth, Travelling Without Moving, Alright, Deeper Underground
20 Jul 05 (Wed) Switzerland, Nyon, Paleo Festival This is Jamiroquai's second appearance at the Paleo festival. They first played at the event in 1997.
21 Jul 05 (Thu) France, Nr. Nice (Golf Juan), Theatre de La Mer Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, High Times, Feels Just Like It Should, Mr Moon, Dynamite, Love Foolosophy, Use the Force, Travelling Without Moving, Seven Days In Sunny June, Alright, Deeper Underground
22 Jul 05 (Fri) France, Nimes, Le festival de Nimes No Info
24 Jul 05 (Sun) Spain, Roses, Ciutadella de Roses Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, High Times, Mr. Moon, Dynamite, Feels Just Like It Should, Use The Force, Butterfly, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Seven Days In Sunny June, Alright, Deeper Underground
27 Jul 05 (Wed) Spain, Palma de Majorca, Plaza de Toros Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Mr. Moon, Dynamite, High Times, Feels Just Like It Should, Use The Force, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Love Foolosophy, Seven Days In Sunny June, Virtual Insanity, Alright, Deeper Underground
29 Jul 05 (Fri) Spain, Toledo, Salto Del Caballo Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Starchild, Dynamite, Butterfly, Feels Just Like It Should, High Times, Seven Days In Sunny June, Use the Force, Give Hate A Chance, Love Foolosophy, Alright and Deeper Underground
30 Jul 05 (Sat) *Spain,Benidorm, Estadio de Les Folletes Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Starchild, High Times, Dynamite, Use The Force, Give Hate A Chance, Seven Days In Sunny June, Virtual Insanity, Love Foolosophy, Alright, Deeper Underground
02 Aug 05 (Tue) Spain, Albacete, Plaza de Toros Performed: Canned Head, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Starchild, High Times, Dynamite, Use The Force, Give Hate A Chance, Seven Days In Sunny June, Travelling without Moving, Love Foolosophy, Alright, Deeper Underground. The venue was originally announced as the Coliseo in La Coruna, but was changed to the Plaza de Toros in Albacete.
03 Aug 05 (Wed) Spain, Gasteiz (Basque Country), Field of Futbol de Mendizorroza, Fiestas de Vitoria-Gasteiz Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Dynamite, High Times, Butterfly, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Use The Force, Seven Days In Sunny June, Travelling Without Moving, Love Foolosophy, Alright, Deeper Underground
06 Aug 05 (Sat) Spain, CANCELLED: Mijas/Marbella (Malaga), Mijas Costa Hipodromo On 5 August 2005 this concert was cancelled, with the following statement made by Jamiroquai's press office: "Promoters of Jamiroquai's scheduled show tomorrow night (6.8.05) in Marbella have today announced that they are unable to pay the costs of putting on the show. Jamiroquai, who along with their crew, trucks and equipment have been in town for two days, were ready willing and able to play tomorrow night's concert and were extremely disappointed to be told the news. They send apologies out to fans who were expecting to see the show tomorrow, which has now been cancelled. The promoters of the show, who have also cancelled several other scheduled shows with other artists through the remainder of the summer, were unable to fund the costs associated with putting on the show - including power, security, staging, policing and first aid."
09 Aug 05 (Tue) UK, London, BBC Maida Vale Studios (radio) (recording date) Performed: Love Foolosophy, Seven Days In Sunny June. Jamiroquai recorded two tracks that were then broadcast "as live" on BBC Radio 1 on 12 August as part of the lunchtime show.
11 Aug 05 (Thu) UK, London (Shepherds Bush), Shepherds Bush Pavilion This was a private gig to launch the Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman branded mobile (cell) telephone. The gig was attended by approximately 700 people and many of the people who went were winners of competitions run by radio and television stations, and the Official Jamiroquai website. The following day, Jay and Derrick signed autographs and met fans at a branch of the Carphone Warehouse store in London's Oxford Street.
13 Aug 05 (Sat) Portugal, Albufeira (Algarve), Praia dos Tomates, Sunrise Festival Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Love Foolosophy, Dynamite, Crosstown Traffic (Jimmy Hendrix cover), Give Hate a Chance, Time Won't Wait, Use The Force, Seven Days In Sunny June, Starchild, Virtual Insanity, High Times, Alright, Deeper Underground
07 Sep 05 (Wed) UK, Birmingham, NEC Arena Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Dynamite, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, Feels Just Like It Should, Black Devil Car, Love Blind, Use The Force, Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, Black Capricorn Day, Starchild, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Virtual Insanity, Alright, Deeper Underground
08 Sep 05 (Thu) UK, Glasgow, SECC No Info
10 Sep 05 (Sat) UK, Manchester, MEN Arena No Info
11 Sep 05 (Sun) UK, Nottingham, Arena No Info
13 Sep 05 (Tue) UK, Cardiff, Cardiff International Arena No Info
15 Sep 05 (Thu) Ireland, Dublin, The Point No Info
17 Sep 05 (Sat) France, Lille, Zenith No Info
18 Sep 05 (Sun) Germany, Hamburg, Colourline Arena No Info
20 Sep 05 (Tue) Germany, Dusseldorf, Phillipshalle No Info
21 Sep 05 (Wed) Germany, Berlin, Arena Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, Love Blind, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Time Won't Wait, Alright, Deeper Underground
23 Sep 05 (Fri) France, Paris, Bercy Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days in Sunny June, Dynamite, Loveblind, Use the Force, Black Capricorn Day, Starchild, Love Foolosophy (transition Main Vein), Time Won't Wait, Virtual Insanity, Alright, Deeper Underground
24 Sep 05 (Sat) France, Amneville, Galaxie Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, Dynamite, Too Young To Die, Love Blind, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground
26 Sep 05 (Mon) France, Lyon, Halle Toni Garnier No Info
28 Sep 05 (Wed) Switzerland, Zurich, Hallenstadion Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days in Sunny June, Dynamite, Crosstown Traffic (Jimi Hendrix cover), Loveblind, Use the Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground
29 Sep 05 (Thu) Italy, Milan, Filaforum Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days in Sunny June, Dynamite, Light Years, Loveblind, Use the Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, Alright, Deeper Underground
01 Oct 05 (Sat) Italy, Bologna, Palamalaguti Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days in Sunny June, Dynamite, Light Years, Loveblind, Use the Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate a Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground
02 Oct 05 (Sun) Austria, Salzburg, Arena Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days in Sunny June, Dynamite, Light Years, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Alright, Time Won't Wait, Deeper Underground
04 Oct 05 (Tue) Germany, Munich, Zenith No Info
05 Oct 05 (Wed) Germany, Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days in Sunny June, Dynamite, Love Blind, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate a Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground
07 Oct 05 (Fri) Netherlands, Rotterdam, Ahoy Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days in Sunny June, Dynamite, Light Years, Love Blind, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, Alright, Deeper Underground
08 Oct 05 (Sat) Belgium, Brussels, Forest National No Info
10 Oct 05 (Mon) France, Paris, Man Ray Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Dynamite, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground. This is a promotional concert organised by mobile telephone provider Orange.
21 Oct 05 (Fri) USA, Atlantic City, House Of Blues Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, High Times, Seven Days In Sunny June, Mr Moon, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, Alright, Deeper Underground
22 Oct 05 (Sat) USA, Boston, Roxy Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, High Times, Seven Days In Sunny June, Light Years, Use The Force, Dynamite, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, Alright, Deeper Underground
24 Oct 05 (Mon) USA, New York, Nokia Live Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, Starchild, Light Years, Dynamite, Black Capricorn Day, Use The Force, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, High Times, Alright, Deeper Underground
25 Oct 05 (Tue) USA, New York, Nokia Live Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, High Times, Dynamite, You Give Me Something, Love Blind, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground
27 Oct 05 (Thu) Canada, Montreal, Metropolis Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, High Times, Dynamite, You Give Me Something, Love Blind, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, Alright, Deeper Underground
28 Oct 05 (Fri) Canada, Toronto, Kool Haus Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, High Times, Dynamite, You Give Me Something, Love Blind, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground
30 Oct 05 (Sun) USA, Chicago, Congress Theater Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, High Times, Dynamite, You Give Me Something, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, Alright, Deeper Underground
01 Nov 05 (Tue) USA, Denver, Fillmore *Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, High Times, Dynamite, You Give Me Something, Use the Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, Alright, Deeper Underground
03 Nov 05 (Thu) USA, Las Vegas, House Of Blues Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, High Times, Dynamite, You Give Me Something, Use the Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, Alright, Deeper Underground
05 Nov 05 (Sat) USA, San Francisco, Fillmore Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, High Times, Dynamite, You Give Me Something, Love Blind, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, Alright, Deeper Underground
06 Nov 05 (Sun) USA, San Francisco, Fillmore Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, High times, Starchild (audience chose over Dynamite), You Give Me Something, Feels Just Like It Should, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, Alright, Deeper Underground
07 Nov 05 (Mon) USA, Los Angeles, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (tv) Performed: Seven Days In Sunny June
09 Nov 05 (Wed) USA, Los Angeles, Wiltern Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days in Sunny June, High Times, You Give Me Something, Dynamite, Love Blind, Use the Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, Alright, Deeper Underground
10 Nov 05 (Thu) USA, Los Angeles, Jimmy Kimmel Live (tv) Performed: Seven Days In Sunny June (on TV), Canned Heat, Revolution 1993, Space Cowboy, High Times, Love Foolosophy, Use the Force, Black Capricorn Day, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait. As the credits to the show rolled, the band started playing Canned Heat and played a few more tracks to the lucky fans who had got tickets to this free outdoor show.
15 Nov 05 (Tue) Japan, Tokyo, Nippon Budokan No Info
16 Nov 05 (Wed) Japan, Tokyo, Nippon Budokan No Info
20 Nov 05 (Sun) Japan, Osaka, Mother Hall No Info
21 Nov 05 (Mon) Japan, Osaka, Koseinken Kaikan No Info
24 Nov 05 (Thu) Australia, Melbourne, The Forum Theatre This date was announced three weeks before the Australian tour started, and is a great warm-up gig to the much larger concerts that make up the rest of this tour.
25 Nov 05 (Fri) Australia, Melbourne, Sidney Myer Music Bowl Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, You Give Me Something, Seven Days in Sunny June, Dynamite, Starchild, Use The Force, Love Foolosophy, Black Capricorn Day, Mein Vein / Time Won't Wait, Don't Give Hate A Chance, Alright, Deeper Underground
28 Nov 05 (Mon) Australia, Canberra, AIS Arena Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, High Times, Dynamite, Use The Force, Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, Black Capricorn Day, Don't Give Hate A Chance, You Give Me Something, Alright (encore)
30 Nov 05 (Wed) Australia, Newcastle, Entertainment Centre Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, High Times, Dynamite, Use The Force, Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, Black Capricorn Day, Don't Give Hate A Chance, You Give Me Something, Alright (encore)
02 Dec 05 (Fri) Australia, CANCELLED: Sydney, Centennial Park (Mission Fields) On 18 November 2005 the promoters of the Australian tour (Michael Coppel Presents) announced that this date would be cancelled and that the date on 3 December would move from Mission Fields to The Parade Grounds, also in Centennial Park. This change of location acoomodates everyone from each of the two Sydney gigs, and also an additional 2,000 tickets, which went on sale the same day.
03 Dec 05 (Sat) Australia, Sydney, Centennial Park (The Parade Grounds) Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, Starchild, You Give Me Something, Dynamite, Use the Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Time Wont Wait, (Don't) Give Hate a Chance, Alright (encore). This concert was originally to be held at Mission Fields (in Centennial Park) but after the 2 December concert was cancelled, this date moved to the Parade Grounds in order to accomodate the additional people.
06 Dec 05 (Tue) Australia, Brisbane, Riverstage Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, High Times, You Give Me Something, Dynamite, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein / Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Alright (encore)
07 Dec 05 (Wed) Australia, Gold Coast, Convention Centre This date was announced three weeks before the Australian tour started, long after most of the other dates were announced.
09 Dec 05 (Fri) Australia, Adelaide, Entertainment Centre Performed: Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, Starchild, You Give Me Something, Dynamite, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein/Time Won't Wait, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Alright (encore). At the end of November 2005 it was announced that the venue had changed from Memorial Drive in Adelaide to the Entertainment Centre.
11 Dec 05 (Sun) Australia, Perth, Supreme Court Gardens No Info
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2020.07.04 17:20 Cfox666 I need your help to find members of an old band called "Rhodes".

I'm trying to find members of one obscure UK band known as "Rhodes" (and I would also like to find their music in the as well, of course). They moved to London in 1997, played gigs in places like "The Dublin Castle", "Camden Town", "London Hope and Anchor". I was able to find their old clara-net site in the Wayback Machine archives, e-mail adress (unavailable now because of clara-net), their names, concert dates, some track titles and residential addresses (сan't post this information here because of privacy, if you are from the UK and you want to know — PM me).
- Names: Jason (vocals), Jez (guitar), Glyn (bass), Nick (drums) - They released single under Swim label and have been out of contact since 2004. - Guys also worked with Organ label. Swim and Organ have already been contacted, but can't provide any info (not even their full names) - Steve Lamacq (Radio 1) and Ian Camfield played their songs on radio shows - My guess is they are originally from Stoke - They went silent circa 2005 - Some pics from their website (Including flairs for shows): -They posted songs on sites like mp3 com and peoplesound. Both sites are inactive. -I know that they had a promo CD "Standing On The Edge". Some info about it: - As far as i know only two tracks can be found on YouTube right now: War Day The New
Link to their site: Jez's site:
I was able to find a few track titles: Bodybag (2001) The Drag Scene (Dunno) War Day (2002) The New (2002) Easy Life (2001) Standing On The Edge (2001) No Control (2001) Tonight (1999) Wake Up (1999) My Sick Relation (1999) Outside (1999) Certain Things (1999) High Living (1999) She Don't Want You (1999) Black Ocean (2002) Looking For A Friend (2002)
Additionally, Organ have sent me an "Organ Radio15 Lollygagging" CD, which contains a Bodybag track. I'm going to upload it on YouTube the moment I get the CD.
Thanks for any help in advance!
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2020.07.03 20:38 ghostfacekyle Music Discussion Thread - 7/3/20

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone, got some new music to take you in to the weekend. There aren't many new releases this week since it's a holiday weekend, but since I wasn't able to do a write up last week I'm going to include the stuff I like from last week. As always Spotify playlist below has everything here, and I've been trying to get back to consistent blogging on my own too, anyone interested can check that out here
BarstoolSports spotify playlist
Big splash from Kanye here with the premiere of the first track off God’s Country. I dont particularly love this one, but it does give me some Yeezus vibes, so I’m super intrigued to see where this album goes.
I could never get in to Pop Smoke myself honestly, but it's at least worth mentioning here since it's his first posthumous release.
Nice little Nipsey tribute here, and nice to see another Casey Veggies verse. New album out next week which should hopefully bump his popiularity, guy has been bubbling for years.
Super catchy and melodic single for any indie/folk rock people out there. I'm a fan of the past 2 singles too, so it looks like their album coming out 8/21 is trending in a good direction. They were also supposed to open for Jimmy Eat World this summer which I feel like would've done wonders for expanding their fan base.
Cover of a cover, we call that cover-ception. Not as good as the GD or Sublime versions obviously but it's a fun summery vibe song to throw on.
If you’re anything like me, there’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of the band, Hum, up until right now. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a music expert and haven’t heard of every band under the sun, I’m just a fan who likes talking about music on the internet. So with that said, I was floored when a friend of mine showed me this album last week. After listening to just a few songs by these guys, the main thing that stuck out to me is the clear influence they had on so many bands that followed them in the 2000’s and up to today. The #1 obvious comparison to these guys is the Deftones, which Chino Moreno has stated multiple times these guys were a huge influence. Favorite tracks are "Waves" and "Step Into You".
Robert Glasper, Kamasi Washington, Terrace Martin, and producer 9th Wonder have teamed up to form a group named Dinner Party. Glasper, Washington, and Martin have all been at the top of the Neo-Jazz genre on their own for the better part of the past decade. This track also features Chicago singer Phoelix, and is so goddamn silky smooth that it’s giving me very high hopes for the rest of the album coming out next week.
Really digging this album, might honestly be my favorite of theirs so far. This one really blends a few genres together and makes for a fun listen. They get a little funky on songs like "3 AM", then more of a folk sound on songs like "Leaning On You", then more of their traditional rock sound on "Now I'm In It".
More good tunes by the lad from Dublin. Need to catch this guy live at some point.
The loop pedal gawd back at it again. Bit of a funky bounce to this one which I'm a big fan of. Second single off their upcoming album, no confirmed date for that yet though (props to me for using the correct pronoun, I'm growing as a person nbd but kbd).
Very solid remix here, can't help but feel like Jack Harlow is bound to really blow up soon. Side note, very funny seeing people on Twitter freak out about finding out that he's white.
Little blues rock for that ass. Your Dad will probably be a fan of this song.
Sevendust dropping a Soundgarden cover on us. This is their first release since their 2018 album, All I See Is War. No news on. full album just yet, but they do currently have a February tour in Australia scheduled which could mean new music is on the way at some point next year.
Been getting back in to this punk band from Jacksonville, Whole Wheat Bread. It's a damn shame these dudes have basically broken up, because they deserve to be a lot bigger. If you want to read more on them, I wrote a whole blog here you can check out. Do yourself a favor and listen to this album .
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2020.07.01 12:09 SL13PNIR Guess whats out
So what do you guys think about the new website? Post your thought and critisims here! What do you like, anything you dislike, any suggestions for improvements?
From the Cardano Foundation team:
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Cardano website! The new look is one of the deliverables of Project Renovare, the brand reappraisal exercise commissioned by the Cardano Foundation, ahead of the smart contracts rollout later this year.
After months of research, experimenting and testing, hard work and enthusiasm from everyone involved – Cardano Ambassadors, Cardano Foundation, the IOHK marketing team, McCann Dublin – we are keen for you to visit the new Cardano website. It will certainly evolve further and improve with time, with more languages added later.
The reappraised brand identity was applied to the new website and you will notice the refreshed color palette, typography, visuals and better navigation. The refreshed brand was also applied in all of the Cardano Virtual Summit: Shelley Edition collaterals, registration page and the digital ‘venue’. In short, we have started gradually rolling out the reappraised brand across the board.
Our main objective for the website redesign was to create a more intuitive, user-centric and easy to navigate resource for all things Cardano. Most importantly, we have brought previously scattered Cardano-related sources under one domain – thus, created a single source of truth for Cardano. We wanted to ensure it was easier to learn about Cardano, locate key information and find the most-needed resources for audiences both familiar with and new to Cardano.
The new has information organized by audience categories, applications, case studies, and showcases news and updates from all ecosystem members that you should not miss.
Please visit our new website, to explore what is there and to keep up to date on the latest Cardano news. We hope you like it. Let us know your thoughts…
P.S.: The Cardano Foundation’s new website is next in line to be revealed…
About the Cardano Foundation*: The Cardano Foundation is an independent standards body that oversees and supervises the advancement of Cardano and its ecosystem. As the legal custodian of the protocol and the owner of the Cardano brand, it works to drive adoption and partnerships, grow the community, shape legislation and commercial standards, and ensure stakeholder accountability. The Foundation’s most crucial responsibility is driving adoption and implementing ideas on the Cardano platform. The Foundation is committed to working with key industries, contributing to the advancement of the technology and driving adoption with other systems. The Foundation contributes to the conversation and perception of blockchain, focusing on legislation, integration, awareness, and education – to ensure that blockchain can be accessed and understood by all. Find out more:*
Remember everyone, only constructive critisim can potentially be acted on
i.e if you don't like something, explain what it is you don't like about it and suggest how it could be made better - nothing can be done if you just say "I don't like it" and leave it at that.
Remember to include which type of device you're viewing from as this can be very helpful!
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2020.06.28 00:20 IslaSorna123 My friends and I stayed in a haunted hotel in Wexford in 2018 and still don’t know what happened.

Hey! So I’ve never spoke about this anywhere besides my own personal diary and to my sister but I feel like this is a good place to put it. Sorry if it’s kinda long as a lot happened throughout our stay. I also swear on every one of my family members that this happened. Sorry if this is super long.
My friends and I, which I will calls us, kez(which is me), and my two friends Amelia and lily. (Changing their names for privacy) were all staying in a hotel in Wexford Ireland. We’re not from Wexford but every year we go on a little mini holiday in our country, which is Ireland. The year before this we went to Waterford. Each year my friend Lily’s family invited me and Amelia to go on holidays with them, they’re super kind and buy us a hotel room and all Amelia and I have to bring is spending money. We’ve started to go on holidays now without adult supervision as we are all 18/19 now and this happened when we we were 16/17
So our holiday starts off kinda weird, day 1 we all have a weird feeling, nothing specific but something just feels off. We first got put in a room that STANK so we asked to move and they moved us which was nice I guess, I wouldnt be able to tell you what it smelt like, maybe oven cleaner, like a gas leak. We then moved into our new room. Amelia, lily and myself are staying in a hotel room together. It’s really fun having our hotel room to ourself and we hang out for a bit, but before we meet up with Lily’s parents for dinner we decided to look around the hotel and investigate each floor. I can’t remember what floor we were staying on, might have been floor 3 but I remember we went down to the first floor and worked our way up. On each floor there was these creepy paintings, all done in red and black scribbles to resemble things, like ducks at a pond, a baby’s face, boots, completely random stuff but it was just weird that they were all red. These paintings were on every floor expect the 4th floor where there was a giant picture of a shop, with all’s the windows filled with smaller versions of the paintings on the other floors. I’ve hopefully linked a twitter thread I made with these photos there, along with reviews of the hotel and messages I sent to my sister the night where sh*t hit the fan, as proof that I’m not making this up on the spot and I did text about it in 2018. the twitter thread I’ve linked it at the bottom aswell
So that was strange and left us feeling a little weird as well, but we moved on. It was probably night 3 where sh*t hit the fan. First off the fire alarm went off, which is strange as every holiday me and friends have been on the fire alarm goes off, every. Single. Holiday. Even after this we’ve gone two other places and the fire alarm has gone off. We got up anyway and put our shoes on and I grabbed my bag and a coat, which is probably stupid if there’s an actual fire but I just had a feeling that there wasn’t a fire. Which we later found out there wasn’t a fire. We rushed down to where Lily’s parents were (I’m pretty sure they were one floor down) and banged on the door to see if they were still there or if they had already left. Which again was stupid but we knew there wasn’t a fire? Anyway her parents didn’t answer so we left. We tried to find stairs but the only stairs were these really old looking wooden stairs. This was super weird and creepy as they obviously weren’t the main hotel stairs for guest, we thought we had stumbled onto the staff stairs so we went down them away, it was super weird as the ceiling was really low, it was dark and there were other rooms on the floor we passed, small rooms along a long Hall way, looked super old and all made out of wood. The fire alarm was still going off and we were super spooked so we decided not to adventure down the hallway and to go to the lobby. Once we got to the lobby there was only one women there.
Just us and this women, obviously from Dublin with the accent but that doesn’t matter. There was no staff, no one outside and Lily’s parents weren’t here either. None of us knew what to do and we talked for maybe a minute, here I’ll note that there was a door at the end of our hall way that kept opening and closing by itself, we watched it close itself once, another time we opened it turned around for a second and when we turned back the door was closed. The women we met said she had seen doors closing and opening by themselves too (this was an old hotel so I doubt they had the technology for doors to do that) eventually the alarm turned off. We were all like “okay guess it’s fine?” Then a man appeared behind the bar and we asked him what happened and he said someone was in the basement and he didn’t know anything else?? We decided to go back to our room after that.
We walked with this women and talked about how strange that was and told her about the stairs we found, she shrugged and swore at the place and lead us to the main hotel stairs were, once we went onto the stairs my friend lily said she saw the shadow of a man lean over the barrister above us, quickly pull back and leg it up the stairs. The rest of us didn’t see that but we heard the door above us slam so we all ran up which was 2 seconds away from us, the women opened the door looked down the hallway, looked back to us, and said something like “there isn’t a sinner in sight” which scared the living Daylights out of us. The women said it was probably some pedo looking at us girls in our Pjs and then Ran when lily caught him but that doesn’t explain how he vanished? We weren’t that far behind him we should have seen him go into a room or at least run down the hallway. we should have seen him as we were right behind him. The women was in the floor above this so she said goodbye to us and ran up the stairs super quick. We stood on the floor where the man disappeared for a second before turning around and going up another flight to our floor. This is where the creepiest thing ever happened to me.
We got to our floor and started walking, lily ran ahead of me as she had the room key and Amelia was behind me, for some reason she stopped to look at a painting. I walked ahead to catch lily (keep in mind it’s dead silent now and we still haven’t seen anyone come or go besides the women) I stopped walking though when I heard a door open, it was a staff supply room not a bedroom, the door was about half open, it was pitch black in the room but I could see a figure of a man, as tall as the door frame, it was a shadow man to me, remember that too. Lily saw that I had stopped and was staring at something so she ran back to me, looked at the door, grabbed my arm and started running to our room pulling me along, Amelia had noticed us running and started running too. We got to our room locked it quickly and sat down to talk about what happened. at this point I put a chair under the door handle just incase.
Lily and Amelia saw someone too, but they didn’t see what I saw. Lily saw an Middle Eastern man wearing a turban in white Pjs. Amelia saw a white bald man in navy shorts, she said he just looked like someone’s dad. We all swore on our lives that we saw what we said we say. To this day none of us know why we all say something different and why I saw a shadow man but they saw people? I honestly, hand on heart, would not be able to tell you, hair colour, skin colour, anything, just that he was as tall as the door frame and why I stopped and stared, which is so not like me, I’m the type to RUN. But I remember that I couldn’t move until I was grabbed. We didn’t sleep that night, it was about 1am when this started, we stayed up the rest of the night as we were terrified, that shadow man that I saw, the fact the girls saw something else and the mystery person that vanished scared the sh*t out of us. Thinking about it makes my heart race.
We got up for breakfast at 9am. When we went to breakfast the women we met earlier that night was there with her husband and kid, we stopped to say hi at the pancake machine, that’s where she told us that the man at the reception told her the alarm went off because someone in the basement accidentally hit it. Which the bar man told us last night (Also wanted to note that here at this breakfast we noticed there was barely anyone staying on this hotel, us, Lily’s parents, the women and her family and two other families. We didn’t see anyone else when the alarm went off so where were the other families?) also it was like 1am, what were staff doing in the basement?
Anyway we went and sat with Lily’s parents for breakfast who swore that they didn’t hear the fire alarm or us banging at their door. We later read reviews that some floors and some rooms had fire alarms stuck up with glue and tape, so maybe that’s why they didn’t hear the fire alarm? It was going off on their floor but maybe not in their room. We told them about what the reviews said but they’re boomers and didn’t wanna check if their fire alarms were fake, they didn’t care.
We then got curious and asked another worker that was serving food why the fire alarm went off, they told us someone was on the roof? And that it got pulled. Which makes zero (0) sense??? We asked someone else who told us something different that I can’t remember. But I remember everyone was being told something different.
We googled the hotel to see if anyone else was having problems here. We saw reviews that said there was an awful smell in some rooms, which we had experienced, reviews also said that fire alarms were stuck to the wall with tape And other things like there’s never any staff for help and that it’s super cold.
We also found that one of the nights we couldn’t sleep with the sound of a tv beside us and a people talking, it was super loud but eventually we feel asleep. In the morning we realised there isn’t a room beside us... it’s like a staff room, I have a video on my twitter thread of our room and what’s around it.
Nothing else happened after that but I still have a pit in my stomach whenever I think about seeing that shadow man. I’ve no proof that the place is haunted, besides what we say, no articles if anyone dying or anything. Just super creepy. just some weird paranormal experiences.
I hope I explained this well as I stuck at English haha.
Note: idk how to use reddit so I made a twitter account to post my evidence which I’ve linked.
*there are several reviews about bad smelling rooms and fire alarms going off but can not find the reviews about how the fire alarms were taped up, I saw it couple of years ago but it’s gone now, I didn’t see any taped up so maybe that was a troll idk for sure. Also did my best to hide my friends faces in the video on my twitter hence the weird emojis I’m sorry I suck at editing 😂 video is just to show that there was no room beside us when we heard the tv. She notes in the video that there’s no room 13 which is creepy but I think most hotels do that. Also adding the texts I sent my sister that night, i just describe what happened to her but it has the date and time just adding as a sort of proof. :)
Really hope this works as again I can’t use reddit haha. Anyway I’m such a huge fan and hope you’re having an amazing day.
the twitter thread
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2020.06.22 13:44 LordVelaryon That day, that goal, that prodigy.

Less than eleven seconds earlier, when the Argentinian player receives the pass from a teammate, the clock in Mexico marks thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty seconds. In the opening scene there are also two Brits and a slightly older man of Tunisian origin. Football isn't very popular in Tunisia. That's why the African seems to be the only one who is not in an athletic mental alertness
The Tunisian is called Ali Bin Nasser and, while others run, he walks slowly. He is forty-two years old and ashamed: he knows that he will never be called again to referee an official match between nations. He also knows that if twelve years earlier, when he was injured in the Tunisian league, he had been told that he would be in a World Cup, he would not have believed it. Nor would he have believed it the afternoon he became a referee. After all, in Tunisia you only need to have the same number of legs as lungs to get the job.
But when he officiated his first match, he discovered that he would be a proper referee. And it was more than that: he managed to become the first football referee to be recognised on the streets of his city. He was called up for the 1984 African qualifiers and his judgment proved to be so good that a year later he was called up to command in a World Cup.
In Mexico he was asked for autographs, had pictures taken with him and slept in the most luxurious hotel. He had successfully refereed the Poland-Portugal match in the group stage, and watched the left half in a Denmark-Spain match where the Danes played the whole second half with a high-line; he didn't make a single mistake when he raised his flag.
When the organisers informed him that he would be directing a quarterfinal - no Tunisian judge had ever come this far - Ali called home from the hotel, with reverse charge, told it to his father and both cried.
That night he slept through hot flashes and had two dreams of ridicule. In the first dream he twisted his ankle and had to be replaced by the fourth referee; in the dream, the fourth referee was his mother. In the second dream a fan jumped onto the field, pulled down his pants and he was left with his genitals hanging out in front of the world's televisions.
From each dream he woke up with his heart beating. But he never dreamed, during the eve, of validating a goal scored with a hand. He did not dream that, in Tunisian street slang, his name would become an humorous metaphor for blindness. That's why he's now refereeing the second half of that match with a desire to see it end soon.
Now the Argentinian player touches the ball with his left foot and moves it half a metre out of the shadows. The heat is over 30 degrees and that spider-shaped shade is the only one in many meters around.
Around the field, one hundred and fifteen thousand people follow the player's movements but only two, those closest to the scene, can prevent his advance.
Their names are Peter: Raid one, Beardsley the other. Both were born in the north of England, one in the riverbed and the other at the mouth of the River Tyne; they both had, a few years earlier, a son whom they named Peter; they both divorced their first wife before travelling to Mexico; and they are both convinced, at the thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty-one seconds, that it will be easy to take the ball away from the Argentinian player because he received it with his weak foot and there are two of them: one at his front and the other at his back.
They don't know that, a decade later, Peter Raid Jr. and Peter Beardsley Jr. will be friends, they will be fifteen and sixteen years old and they will be dancing at a London rave.
A Scotsman named O'Connor - who will later become a screenwriter for comedian Sacha Baron Cohen - will recognize them and, in the middle of the dance, will dodge them with a feint and a dribble. He will do it once, twice, three times, imitating the dance move that now, ten years before, the Argentine player practices on his parents.
Raid Jr. and Beardsley Jr. will not get the joke, so other rave participants will join O'Connor's mockery and a loop of dancers will form, in the form of a human train, dodging the boys in two stages. Peter Raid Jr. will be the first to understand the taunt, and will tell his friend, "It's because of our parents' video, the one from Mexico 86".
Peter Beardsley Jr. will make a gesture of humiliation and the two friends will escape from the party, chased by dozens of boys who will shout, in chorus, the name of the player who ten years ago, right now, is running away from his parents with a move of his waist.
Soon Raid Sr. and Beardsley Sr. will stop chasing the player: it will be the job of other teammates to try to stop him. They now remain frozen in the middle of a tape that time turns, in slow motion, from VHS to Youtube.
Now their children are five and six years old and will not remember seeing the player's dribble directly, but in their early teens they will see it a thousand times on video and will no longer have any respect for their parents.
Peter Raid and Peter Beardsley, still in midfield, don't know what exactly has happened in their lives to make it all fall apart.
Quickly and with short steps, the Argentinian player moves the scene to the opposite side of the pitch. He has only touched the ball three times in his own field: once to receive it and outwit the first Peter, the second to step on it gently and outflank the second Peter, and a third to push the ball away towards the dividing line.
When the ball crosses the chalk line, the player has covered ten of the fifty-two meters he will walk and has taken eleven of the forty-four steps he will have to take.
At thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty-three seconds of midday shouts of astonishment come down from the stands and the asses of the radio announcers come off the seats in the transmission cabins: the free space that the player has just found on the right side, after the double dribble and his stride, makes everybody understand the danger.
Everybody except Kenny Sansom, who appears behind the two Peter's and chases the player with a parsimony that seems to be from another sport. Sansom accompanies the Argentinian player without despair, as if he was taking a young son for his first bike ride.
"You looked like if you were playing in training, for fucks sake," manager Bobby Robson tells him two hours later in the dressing room. "That wasn't you," his half-brother Allan will tell him a year later, both drunk, in a pub in Dublin.
Kenny Sansom will rewind the video a thousand times in the future. He'll see his lazy step, almost a trot, as the player slips away.
He will start, in November of that year, to have problems with gambling and alcohol. In the tabloids he will be nicknamed "White" Sansom because of his fondness for white wine.
His only friend from the golden age will be Terry Butcher, perhaps because both will share the same traumatic experience.
Butcher is the one who now, when the radio reporters and spectators in the stands are still standing, throws a failed tackle at the player advancing on his sideline. Butcher will chase the player madly and throw a second kick, this time with a murderous intent, in the apex of the small box.
Terry Butcher will also never overcome the ghost of those ten seconds at the Mexican midday. "He only dribbled the rest of my teammates once, but he dribbled me twice, the little bastard," he will tell the press many years later, with his eyes glazed over.
Kenny Sansom and Terry Butcher will never return to Mexico, not even to the tourist beaches far from Mexico City. In the future, without children or stable partners, they will have as a hobby (at almost sixty years old each) to get together to drink whisky on Thursday nights and invent new insults against the Argentinian player who now, unmarked, enters the big box with the ball stuck to his feet.
Before the start of the play, a man gives a bad pass. With that mistake, the story begins. He could have played backwards or to his right, but he decides to send the ball to the player who is less free. That man is called Hector Enrique and he stays motionless after the pass, with his hands on his waist. After that game he will never be able to separate from the player, as if an invisible string from that vertical pass was transformed, over time, into a magnetic field.
Enrique doesn't know it yet, but he will take part in a World Cup again, 24 years later and on African soil. He will be part of the coaching staff of a manager who, fatter and older, will have the same face as the young man who now runs in a zigzag. And he will end his career even further, in the United Arab Emirates, back on the right side of the player who, two seconds ago, was given a pass to the wrong foot.
For many nights in the future, in a strange country where women have to sit in the back seat of cars, Enrique will wonder what would have happened if, instead of that bad delivery, he had given the ball to Jorge Burruchaga, his second choice.
Burruchaga is the one who now runs parallel to the player through the midfield. It's the thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty-four seconds and he's convinced that the player will give him the pass before entering the box, that he's just taking the defenders away to leave him alone in front of the three posts.
Burruchaga runs and looks at the player; with a body gesture he tells him "I'm free in the middle" and while he waits for the pass in vain he doesn't know that one day, some years later, he will accept a bribe in the French league and will be punished by the International Federation. Another misplaced delivery. But he, frozen in the present, still runs and waits for the pass that never comes.
Days later he will score the decisive goal of the final, but the world will only have eyes and memory for another goal. Year after year, tribute after tribute, his will not be the one most admired.
One night, Burruchaga will call to Saudi Arabia to talk with his friend Hector Enrique, and he will lament, a little jokingly, a little seriously, that goal scored by someone else that overshadowed the decisive goal of the final. Then Enrique will see a sandstorm out the window and, without intending to, will make him smile. "That goal wasn't so great," he'll say, "I gave him the pass, if he didn't scored it, it was to kill him".
Inside the pitch the wind is blowing at 12 kilometers per hour. If it had been blowing at 60 kilometers per hour, as it did in Mexico City six days later, the play might have not ended well.
The advance seems fast by an optical illusion, but the player regulates the rhythm, slows down and deceives. There is a secret geometry to the precision of that zigzag, a rigour that would have been broken by a change in the wind or the reflection of a wristwatch from the stands.
Terry Fenwick thinks about the variables of randomness as he showers crestfallen after defeat. Especially in one, the least far-fetched.
Before the game, Fenwick advised his manager Bobby Robson that it would be best to give the opposing player a man-to-man marking. Bobby responded that the marking would be zonal, as in previous games.
What would have happened if Robson had listened to him? asks himself Terry Fenwick, naked in the solitude of the dressing room, with water hitting his temples.
Right now, at thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty-six seconds of midday, he sees the player arrive with the ball dominated; he thinks he's going to pass it into the centre of the box. Fenwick thinks the same as Burruchaga, he leans his whole body on his right leg to avoid the pass and leaves the left flank unlocked. The player, with a small jump, enters then through the free space, steps on the box and finds the three posts.
"Fuck", Terry Fenwick told the press in 1989, "he ruined my career in four seconds". Two years after the outburst, in 1991, Fenwick will spend four months in prison for drunk driving. He will say, by the middle of the next decade, that he would not shake hands with the Argentinian player if he saw him again.
At the same period, one of his daughters will turn eighteen. During the party, Terry Fenwick will find her kissing an Argentinian on a beach in Trinidad. He will recognize the boy's identity because of a blue and white jersey with the number ten on the back. Fenwick does not know it yet, but in his old age he will be coaching an unknown team called "San Juan Jabloteh" in Trinidad and Tobago, a country that played only one World Cup, but has beaches.
Fenwick will get drunk every day on the sand of those beaches. On the afternoon of his daughter's meeting with the Argentinian, he'll want to get close to the boy and beat him. The Argentinian will make a gesture to go out to the left and then escape to the right. Fenwick, again, will eat the feint.
Eight steps, out of forty-four, will give the player inside the box, and they will be enough to understand that the scenario is not auspicious.
There is one opponent breathing at his neck on his right, Terry Butcher; another on his left, Glenn Hoddle, prevents him from giving the ball to Burruchaga; Fenwick has recovered from the feint and now covers the possible pass backwards, and at the front, goalkeeper Peter Shilton closes into him from the near post.
The north, south and east are closed to any manoeuvres. It is now thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty-seven seconds. Three more hours in Buenos Aires. Six more hours in London.
In any city in the world, at any time of the day or night, trying to get a shot on goal in the middle of that mess of legs is impossible, and the one who knows it best is Jorge Valdano, who arrives alone, very alone, on the left.
No one notices Valdano's existence, neither now in the box nor during primary school, in Santa Fe's town of Las Parejas.
Jorge Valdano sat reading novels by Emilio Salgari while his classmates played football during breaks, swirling around behind the ball. Football seemed like a basic game to him at the age of nine, but something happened to him at eleven: he understood the rules and knew, without surprise, that the other kids didn't practice it with intelligence.
He began to play with them and, while the rest chased the ball without strategy, he moved around the sidelines looking for the geometry of the sport.
And he was good. He played for two clubs in the town and was soon called from Rosario to play for Newell's youth teams; he made his debut in the Argentinian first division before he was eighteen. At twenty he was a world-youth champion in Toulon. At twenty-two he had already played for the senior national team.
But in those dizzying years he never loved the sport above all. If he was given a choice between a game among friends or a good novel, he always chose the book.
Until that moment in his thirties, Valdano was not sure he had chosen his true vocation. That's why now, as he waits for the pass, he finally feels that this could be his destiny, that perhaps he has come into the world to touch that ball and place it in the net.
He knows that the player's only option is to pass to the left. He has no other choice. As he steps into the box he thinks: "If he doesn't give it to me, I'll leave everything and become a writer."
But the player enters the box without looking at him. Neither Butcher, Fenwick, Hoddle nor Shilton are aware of him. Not even the cameraman, who follows the play with zoom, can pick him out in time. In the video, Valdano is a ghost who only shows his full body when the ball is in the apex of the small box. Jorge Valdano does not know it yet, but at the end of that tournament he will start writing short stories.
There is no greater enemy for an striker than the goalkeeper. The rest of the rivals can use the sneaky tackle or the knees for the thigh blow. It doesn't matter, they are legal weapons in a man's sport and the attacked can return the action on the next play.
But the goalkeeper, the guardian, the goalie, the keeper (like Lucifer's, their names are endless) can touch the ball with his hands.
The goalkeeper is an anomaly, an exception capable of undoing with his hands the best acrobatics that other men do with their feet. And until that day no outfield player had ever managed to repay that affront at a World Cup.
So now, when the player steps into the box and looks into the eyes of goalkeeper Peter Shilton (grey shirt, white gloves) he understands the hate in the Englishman's eyes.
Half an hour earlier, the Argentinian had avenged every attacker in the history of football: he had scored a goal with his hand. The strikers's palm had arrived before the goalkeeper's fist. In the rules of football this action is forbidden, but in the rules of another game, more inhumane than football, justice had been done.
That is why, at this crucial moment in history, at thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty-nine seconds, Peter Shilton knows he can get revenge. He knows full well that it is in his hands to disrupt the greatest goal of all times. He needs to do it, moreover, to return to his country as a hero.
Shilton was born in Leicester, 36 years before that Mexican midday. Already a living legend, he didn't need to make it to his first and last World Cup to prove it.
He doesn't know it yet, but he'll be playing professionally until he's forty-eight. In the future, he will play the leading role in many unforgettable saves which, added to those of the past, will make him the greatest English goalkeeper.
However (and he doesn't know this either) in the future there will be an encyclopedia, more famous than the Britannica, that will say about him: "Shilton, Peter: English goalkeeper who received, on the same day, the goals known as 'the hand of God' and 'of the century'.
That will be his karma and it's better that he doesn't know it, because he's still looking into the eyes of the approaching Argentinian player and he's covering his left post like his teachers taught him. He believes Terry Butcher can make it in time with the final tackle. "Maybe this will end in a corner," he thinks. "Maybe I can reach the ball with my fingertips."
Nor does he know that two years later a video game with his name will be released in Great Britain, entitled "Peter Shilton's Handball", or that his children will play it, in secret, during the 1992 holiday season.
It is better that he does not know the future now, because he must decide, right now, what the next move of the player will be. And he decides: Shilton plays to the left, throws himself to the ground and waits for the left-footed shot across. The Argentinian, who does know the future, chooses to play to the right.
Before touching the ball with his left foot for the last time, at the thirteen hours, twelve minutes and thirty seconds of the Mexican midday, the Argentinian player sees that he has left Peter Shilton behind; sees that Jorge Valdano is dragging Terry Fenwick; sees that Peter Raid, Peter Beardsley and Glenn Hoddle have been left on the road; sees Terry Butcher who throws himself at his feet with his boots spiked; sees Jorge Burruchaga who slows down his career with resignation; sees Hector Enrique, still stuck in the middle of the field, who makes a fist with his right hand; He sees his manager jumping off the bench as if he'd been sent off by a rocket and the other manager, the rival, looking down so as not to see the end of his advance; he sees a redheaded man with a smoking pipe on the first row of the stands; He sees the line of chalk on the opponent's goal and remembers the face of the worker who, during half-time, went over it with a roller; he clearly sees his brother the Turk who, aged seven, throws in his face a mistake he made at Wembley in a similar move; he sees his brother's lips full of caramel when he says:
"Next time, don't shoot it across, you little fool, you'd better do feint to the goalie and go right."
He sees his brother's face with the light of the kitchen where the scene took place, he sees the mischief with which he was looking at him; he sees, behind the goal, a sign that says Seiko in white letters on a blue background; he sees the green painted nails of his first girlfriend, the day he met her, and he sees that same girl, now a woman, breastfeeding a child; he sees a deflated ball and he sees himself, at the age of nine, trying to dominate it; he sees his mother and father dragging, with effort, a huge kerosene can along a dirt road where it has rained; he sees a box in a locker room in La Paternal, which bears his name and surname in bright letters, he sees his adolescent pride when he first reads his name and surname at his locker; he sees a stadium, its wooden boards, and he also sees that one day the whole stadium, and not just the locker, will bear his name.
The Argentinian player has controlled the air in his lungs for nine seconds, and now he is about to release all the air in one breath.
Unlike all the opponents and teammates he has left behind, he can breathe with his left leg, and can also sense the future as he moves forward with the ball at his feet.
He sees, ahead of time, that Shilton will throw himself to the right; he sees Terry Butcher's murderous intention behind him, he sees himself, many years later, with a grandson in his arms, visiting the entrance of the Azteca Stadium where a bronze statue with no name stands: just a young player with a proud chest, a ball at his feet and a date engraved on the base: June 22, 1986; he sees a rave in London where two fifteen-year-old boys escape from a mocking crowd; he sees a shady apartment where there is only one table, two friends and a mirror on the table; he sees a girl on a tropical beach who lets herself be kissed by a boy wearing an Argentina shirt; He sees a swarm of journalists and photographers outside every airport, every terminal, every stadium and every shopping mall in the world; he sees a boy playing a video game in the city of Leicester while his brother watches through the window to make sure his father doesn't show up; he sees the body of an old man who died in Switzerland eight days before that midday, a man who also saw all the things in the world in a single moment.
He sees Fiorito at day; he sees Napoli at afternoon; he sees Barcelona at night.
He sees Boca's stadium about to burst and he's in the middle of the pitch but he doesn't have a ball on his feet but a microphone in his hand; he sees an old man at Carthage's airport, waiting for his son on the last flight from Mexico, to hug and comfort him; he sees a swollen ankle; he sees a Red Cross nurse, chubby and smiling; he sees all the goals he's scored and the ones he'll score; he sees all the goals he's shouted and the ones he'll shout; he sees himself, at fifty-three years old, watching from a balcony the world's final at the Maracaná; he sees the day when he will see his mother for the last time; he sees the night when he will see his father for the last time; he sees all his children's children grow up; he sees the pains of a woman who is about to give birth to a left-footed child in Rosario, one year and two days later than that Mexican midday; he sees a minimal, impossible, unreachable space between the right post and Terry Butcher's boot.
He closes his eyes. He lets himself fall forward, with his body bowed, and the whole world becomes silent.
The player knows that he has taken forty-four steps and twelve touches, all with his left foot. He knows the move will take ten seconds and six decimals. Then he thinks it is time to explain to everyone who he is, who he has been and who he will be until the end of time.

10,6 seconds by Hernan Casciari in "Messi is a dog & other football stories" (2016).

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2020.05.29 23:02 2YearLeaseNot3 My BF(31M)’s parents manipulate him with money and access to nice things. Is it out of place to tell him to de-tatch from the teet?

TLDR: my boyfriend accepts money from his parents well into adulthood and it’s gotten in the way of our relationship and power dynamics. his dad keeps giving it to him and his mom is unhinged about it, calls her son a disrespectful failure and uses the fact he’s accepted money to criticize any time she isn’t made to feel like a Queen. I have removed myself from the parent-girlfriend relationship but think I need to have a larger conversation with BF about if the money he accepts causes more harm than good. —
Been dating for ~3 years. The first time I met his parents I realized I was dating an income bracket higher than myself, dad picked us up in a Maserati, paid for drinks and dinner all night for us, always insist on paying for him and me when I’m around. For the first year I was extremely gracious and tried to order modest things on the menu, always say thank you, and insist on paying for a round of drinks or two ever so often . They do not let us pay for anything. Come to realize about 2 years in they are extremely “new money” - were very middle class until the dad hit it big as a lawyer, made millions, and never looked back. Always talk about their nice things and their vacations. Don’t get me wrong I believe money should be enjoyed but there is always an air of flaunting or bragging with it
BF has developed an expensive taste for things because of it but candidly can’t afford it even on a 6 figure salary. Because of that, any time his parents offer for him to go to their beach house or Florida house, or offer money to help for bigger purchases, he takes it no question.
I can’t put my finger on what made me suspicious but at some point I caught on that this was a control tactic and isn’t just a well intentioned loving family. example-We went to Ireland for a weekend on our own money and his parents insisted on paying for the hotel. When we got in a fight (drunk, got over it in the morning ) in the hotel, the first thing he pulled on me was I better stop yelling because of “how embarrassing it would be for The Windsor’s to get a call that they’re banned from the nicest hotel in Dublin because their sons girlfriend was having a fit in the hotel they so graciously paid for.” Name changed. I recognized this comment as abuse to me probably learned from the parents. immediately, we had a serious conversation that I agree perhaps I can lower my voice, but there is a way to ask me to in a respectful way, and that I will not tolerate being spoken to like that, or pulled into this “free money” manipulation game when I never asked for them to pay for a hotel.
When my boyfriend and I got into a particularly nasty fight over a year ago that came after an unrelated mental breakdown for him, they paid for him to get an Airbnb for a week to move out, no question. Then when the dad called me to explain it was about his overall mental health and it’s not just me, he also offered to pay for couples counseling when my BF returned. I politely declined and said I appreciated the family’s concern for a fight but we don’t need financial help and need to make these decisions ourself and work out any relationship issues.
We have worked through and moved past these issues. But the money and dangling and abuse to my boyfriend still keeps happening. I have separated myself from it but obviously am still connected. The dad gave him $1k to help pay a lease down payment for a car. I wasn’t aware he helped until after we signed the paperwork. I’m just waiting to hear the parents say something about how the car is “more his than mine” if one day I need it
Final insult to injury: during covid, we evacuated NYC since everything is closed to one of their beach homes. Completely unused, they don’t rent it, they are in Florida for the year, and I’m sure a bit house crazy as they’re in a condo on the beach instead of their large northeast beach house . I walked on egg shells in this house, let me tell you. I even made a google doc color coded cleaning checklist to make sure the place is spotless and everything we used is replaced. I texted them and thanked them for letting us stay and even tagged them in any nice sunrise photos I took on Instagram. (If I didn’t tag them they would probably be resentful as if I was ungreatful to stay. They expect credit for their nice things.). The mom sent the most insane texts to my boyfriend, that if there is “so much a single roll of toilet paper missing heads will roll, we expect respect of our home.” It actually got to the point we went back to our nyc apartment because it was stressing him out so badly
The mother sent him the most aggressive email at 4am that basically said we left the house a mess according to the dog walker. Normally a mother would say, hey, dog walker said house is a disaster, is that true? What happened and can you make sure it is clean to our standard before you leave.
The issue is that it’s a lie and I have no idea what disaster the dog walker told her about. The mother nonetheless is unhinged and now infuriated “because after everything they give to him he disrespects everything about them.” She said he is written out of the will, should be ashamed of himself, etc etc. My bf Forwarded the email to his dad and was just like, “the house is spotless - there’s no way it’s dirty, she’s looking for things to scream about.” Dad said he agreed. I basically made my BF send the checklist to reiterate this.
These are just 3-4 examples where there is clearly a disagreement between mom and dad on how to treat their son, but their need to validate how rich they are is still there. Dad wants to give wealth whenever the kids “need it”; mom wants to be worshipped for the wealth she has.
I am being dragged into it and I either need to have a conversation with my boyfriend about what accepting all this money is doing to his mental health, my mental health, and his end relationship with his parents. It’s even gotten to the point I am questioning if I can be long term with someone with such an up and down relationship with their parents.
That was long sorry, welcome all thoughts.
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2020.05.25 23:59 iosg748 Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game: Cheats, Tips, and Tricks and Generator GAME

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If you are addicted to the Kim Kardashian game, then you've come to the perfect place. Here you will find cheats, tips, and tricks to make gameplay more exciting and rewarding. If you follow this advice, you will quickly rise to the top of the A-List and save money while doing it. Use the table of contents below to easily find what you're looking for.

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Winning the Game

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Recent Updates

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New game features include:
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2020.05.24 19:00 thefeckamIdoing Godred Olufssun: the man who brought the English to Ireland...

Guðrøðr Óláfsson, aka Godred Olafssun, was a man who, after a eventful and violent life, ended up being the crucial and overlooked facilitator, without whom the forces of Henry II would never have arrived in Ireland.
He is the man who, literally, made it possible for the English to invade Ireland.
Yet his story, for me, not only explains why he did, but also grants us a fascinating insight into this amazing time period.
What follows is, by necessity, only an overview, with a few sources at the end.
Background: The Crovan Dynasty
If I had my way I would talk endlessly about Godred’s amazing dynasty- how his grandfather somehow managed to crawl out of the massacre of Stamford Bridge, one of the few survivors of Hadradar’s failed attempt to take England in 1066.
How this young mercenary (named Godred Crovan or Godred Clawhand) born on the Isle of Mann to a amazing mixture of Norse and Irish bloodlines, had returned and lived there until his patron and patron’s son (rulers of Mann) had died whereupon Crovan took over the Kingdom and turned Mann into the paramount naval superpower of its age.
Under Crovan, Mann not only subjugated much of coastal Scotland, they also took Dublin from the Norse-Irish and confounded & defeated the Normans with alarming regularity. It also monopolised the principle trading routes across the Irish Sea making it an economic as well as naval superpower (which coupled with a campaign of ethnic cleansing on Mann itself allowed him to control the island with near impunity).
The story then gets more interesting with Godred Crovan’s death and the rivalry of his three sons to control Mann. It had caused the youngest son, one Óláfr (Olaf) to flee the chaos caused by his father’s death and to be raised in the court of Henry I, king of England. When he came of age, Olaf was able to return and claim Mann.
It was his death that brings his son, our very own Godfred Olafssun, into this tale.
Context: the Madness of the Irish Sea
Before we start however, it is vital you understand one crucial thing. Olafssun was born into a fluid and dynamic world of many states. It is easy for us to look at a map and use titles such as ‘England’ and ‘Ireland’ and ‘Scotland’ and assume these were geopolitical entities. They were not.
Rather see that the only geopolitical reality was the Irish Sea itself. Around the 12th Century this stretch of water linked a bewildering variety of Kingdoms, regions, tribes and ethnicities together, all of whom were seeking to create stable nations, all of whom had borders that waxed and waned with the passing of the years.
We use Ireland/England/Scotland to help US navigate this time period. At the time however Olafssun would have used other geopolitical titles- Leinster, Munster, Cinn Tire (Kintyre); Argyll; Tír Eoghain (Tyrone); Galloway; Arainn (Arran); Connacht; Mann; Duiblinn (Dublin); Skye; Rìoghachd nan Eilean (the Kingdom of the Isles) Gwynedd, Alba, Pembroke and many, many more.
Cambro-Norman’s, Saxons, Scots, Irish, Norse-Irish, Welsh, Norwegian, Danish, Anglo-Norman’s and other tribes mingled, intermarried, fought and killed one another along the waterway.
It is a chaotic era, where the only true power was control of the sea. Then, as now, maritime power was indicative of true geopolitical power, and this had been the situation for a century or more; these micro-nations waged constant sea based warfare upon one another, and the closest ‘super power’ was the distant Kings of Norway, who could supply the only external navy able to match the smorgasbord of competing nations.
Becoming King of Mann
Godred, our hero, had been born on Mann sometime in the mid to late 1130’s. He was raised to be heir of the island kingdom, a young prince of a petty kingdom. His first known task as a royal prince was to sail, aged we think about 16 or so, to Norway and there present the tribute the Lords of Mann payed the Norwegian Kings, sometime in 1152.
While he was away a dynastic dispute broke out over his homeland between his father Olaf and the children of Olaf’s older brother, Godred’s cousins, known collectively as the Haraldssonar.
The three nephews of King Olaf had sailed to Mann in force and had demanded Olaf turn over half the kingdom to them as part of their inheritance as members of the Crovan dynasty. Olaf responded, as he always did, by trying to negotiate a settlement. Olaf was by all accounts a ruler who sought to legitimise his kingdom via the rule of law. His nephews represented a more violent attitude towards politics. They murdered him and claimed Mann together.
Olaf had married the daughter of Fergus of Galloway, and Godred was the product of this Union of the Gallowanian and Mann dynasties. This wasn’t JUST a marriage however, Olaf of Mann and Fergus of Galloway had allied much more deeply- so much so that there existed in the Isle of Mann a sizeable contingent of supporters of Olaf who had moved there from Galloway in the north.
Why? Because with Mann’s support, Galloway was able to resist the kings of Scotland from absorbing his lands under their control.
When the Haraldssonar took over then, they began a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing, attempting to kill or drive off the residents who had come from Galloway; no sooner had they established a firm grip on the island then they launched a pre-emotive strike upon Galloway itself. A large fleet of Mannian ships landed and while not able to conquer it, it is clear they crippled Fergus ability to support his grandson, Godred.
The young Godred however could call upon someone else for support. The Norwegian King, Inge Crookback, to whom he had just given tribute to, was more than happy to support Godred with a small fleet and troops. It wasn’t enough to take back his homeland but it was enough to grant him support in the eyes of many of his peers.
With this Norwegian fleet he crossed the North Sea to the Orkneys, where he was recognised as rightful king by the lords there and given more troops.
At the head of this armada then, Young Godred invaded Mann; where he battled and overcame his cousins, killing one and blinding the other two. He had regained his birthright and by 1153 was now Lord of Mann.
He was a young man, with a established record for decisive action and a willingness to resort to violence, and who now ran the most important island in the Irish Sea with a powerful fleet at his disposal.
He was plunged immediately into the volatile politics of the era.
The Irish Dimension
Around 1154 the title of High King of Ireland was held by the elderly Toirrdelbach Ua Conchibair, King of Connacht. He possessed a decent army and by all accounts he also owned vast fleet and was a naval based power.
The King of Crnél nEógain, one Muirchertach Mac Lochlainn, decided to press his claim for the title of High King. The conflict led to one of the most overlooked battles of the 12th century. Two vast fleets met just off the Inishowen coast, to the far north of Ireland.
Here Muirchertach's naval forces were supposedly mercenaries for Galloway, Arran, Kintyre, mainland Scotland and Mann. In other words, Godred led his navy alongside a vast array of Scottish allies, in support of Muirchertach's claim for High King.
Muirchertach lost the battle, but Toirrdelbach's naval forces seem to have been reduced to a point of being unable to aid him. His rival now weakened, this allowed Muirchertach march on Dublin, take the city and effectively take the title of High King.
However this is where things get really complicated.
Godred: King of Dublin
There now follows a sequence of events which the main documents which provide evidence cannot agree on dates at all, so what follows is speculative based upon the most probable sequence of events.
There seems to have developed a complex relationship between Godred, Muirchertach and a Scottish warlord called Somerled.
Somerled is a mysterious figure fills the model of ‘warlord despot’ with great ease. Originating from Norse Gaelic stock, he had risen from utter obscurity to become King of Kintyre; in his struggles to oppose David I of Scotland he had sought out the help of King Olaf and had married his daughter, making him Godred’s brother in law.
Godred and Somerled had battled together for Muirchertach in the naval conflict, but that did not mean they were all allied. Nor that Muirchertach’s dominion over Dublin was secure.
Dublin wasn’t an Irish town after all. At best you could call it Norse-Irish, and the residents (Ostmen) sought to either choose their own rulers or if possible, invite in a powerful ruler of Ostman stock, even if it meant turning against their new King. It was this that led the Ostmen of Dublin to invite Godred to become their king.
Godred seems happy to obliged and appears by all accounts to have accepted the title, sometime we think between 1154-1156. Muirchertach, obviously, objects to this and sends a force, supposedly of around 3,000 horsemen, to reacquire Dublin.
While full details are very sketchy we think Muirchertach mustered his force somewhere in the Boyne valley, where they proceeded south devastating the land, before Godred and the Dubliners repulsed his army, forcing it to retire.
However Muirchertach had Diarmait Mac Murchada, designated King of Leinster at the time, campaign in the region, destroying crops and harrying the Dubliners. In time, the residents of the city agreed to negotiate peace with Diarmait, recognising him as their overlord and ending Godred’s brief tenure as King.
A possible sweetener to the deal was Godfred was married to Findguala Nic Lochlainn, Muirchertach’s Grand-daughter, but whatever the case Godred’s ‘rule’ over Dublin seems to have lasted only a brief while. And his failure to secure the port seems to have left him somewhat over-extended.
This weakness appears to have been noticed by Muirchertach who, probably unhappy at Godred’s adventurism, possibly informed Somerled, who in turn saw his chance to strike at Godred.
The War with Somerled
Around 1155 Somerled attempted a coup against Godred, trying to place his own son upon the throne of Mann (Somerlad’s wife being Godred’s sister granting the son a dynastic link to the Crovan dynasty and claim to Mann).
Godred managed to get wind of this coup and raised his fleet. This led to the Battle of Epiphany, where two vast fleets clashed off the coast of Isley in Scotland (Somerled had at least 80 ships on his side alone).
The battle was inconclusive and eventually Somerled and Godred negotiated a peace settlement where they divided to the Kingdom of the Isles between them. Somerled was not content with the peace settlement of 1156 and as such in 1158 he invaded again and this time drove Godred into exile.
We can reconstruct that in the chaos that followed Godred was able to have allies from Orkney fight for him, but Somerlad held on and Godred was forced to flee.
Exile: the wandering king
Now an exile, Godred travelled to find someone to support his bid to reclaim Mann. The first port of call was to travel via the many petty kingdoms of Wales into England, (although one source suggests he had to travel to the continent), to seek aid from the most powerful of the regions kings- Henry, Lord of the vast Angevin Empire.
While Henry seemed sympathetic to Godred, he offered him no help at all (Henry having no naval forces at his disposal and being at the time focused far more on Normandy), forcing Godred to seek help elsewhere. He then travels to Scotland where he hoped King Malcolm, who was hostile to Somerled, would support him.
Malcolm was even more sympathetic than Henry II and certainly agreed in principle. But Somerled was able to read the politics of the Scottish court much better than Godred, and nominally swore allegiance to Malcolm, ending any possibility of the Scots providing Olafssun with any aid.
Still Godred did not give up. He crossed the North Sea and sought the aid of his old ally, Inge Crookback, King of the Norwegians. And it is now that Godred’s tale takes an odd turn...
Norway, at this time, was in the midst of what is nicely called the ‘civil wars era’, an age of complicated dynastic feuds where rulership was never secured for long.
King Inge had ruled Norway since he was a child, alongside his two brothers, Sigurd and Øystein. This three way split lasted fairly well but Inge had decided to strike out against his brothers and had killed them both.
When Godred arrived in Norway to seek help from Inge, he found himself embroiled right in the middle of the feud between Inge and his nephew, Hákor Sigurdssun.
As former King of Mann and the Island’s, Godred was treated with the same level of respect as the Scots and English had given him, but with the crucial difference being Inge desired he stick around and prove his loyalty to Norway’s king.
Added to that was the salient fact that Inge had no ships or troops to give to him; the civil war was dominating all such things. Godred now threw himself into local politics and it is said that in 1161, when King Inge faced Hákor at the Battle of Oslo, Godred commanded 1500 of the Kings men.
Which was awkward because, by all accounts, Godred swapped sides during the battle, brought those 1500 over to Hákor’s army and helped kill King Inge.
Certainly Godred was now up to his neck in the politics of Norway and there is some evidence that he was present at the coronation of the five-year old king, Magnûs Erlingsson. But he couldn’t get enough troops to return home. Somerled was too entrenched.
But then, in 1164, after an exile of about 6 long years news came that Somerled was dead. Godred acted swiftly and returned.
By the time he got there, the bloody politics of Mann had seen rulership go to Somerled’s son, before Godred’s younger brother, Rǫgnvaldr, had taken the title.
According to Icelandic sources, Godred sailed in, overthrew his brother, had him ‘mutilated’ and blinded (the exact nature of the mutilation sounds like castration or limb loss) and made himself Lord of the Kingdom again, placating the Somerled factions nominally under his control by returning to the power sharing agreement of 1156.
Godred was now back in charge of his fractious and unstable realm, surrounded by larger and more unstable neighbours. The interconnected nature of the Irish Sea meant that quickly he was returned to the confusing geopolitical reality of the waterway.
And since his was a naval based power, it was inevitable that he would end up again embroiled increasingly with the other dominant sea power- the Irish.
The Irish Endgame
Godred then was nominally King of Mann and the Isles, which was in practice split between him and Somerled’s family, but possessing a powerful fleet which was the largest in the Irish Sea.
He had been back only two years when his old friend/enemy High King Muirchertach was slain and the title of High King immediately came up for grabs. There were two rivals for it: King Diarmait Mac Murchada, and his rival, Ruaidhrí Ó Conchobhair, designated King of Connacht.
(Worth reminding ourselves- Ruaidhrí’s father had been the Irish High King who Godred and Somerled’s fleets had helped defeat to aid Muirchertach (technically Godred’s late grandfather-in-Law) while Diarmait was the man who had possibly taken Dublin from Godred); just in case we forget how small this world actually was)
The sequence of events between Diarmait and Rory are fairly well know. Diarmait was defeated and fled into exile, where he followed Godred’s route some years earlier into England. Here the Irish King came to seek aid from Henry II, who, as he had with Godred, agreed in principle to support the Irishman but had no way of getting troops over to Ireland.
Diarmait then sought out the aid of a small cabal of Welsh based Cambro-Norman mercenary landowners who were experienced in Irish/Irish-Norse Sea based warfare and who agreed to aid him. Their price seems to have been Diarmait agreeing that the Cambro-Norman’s could claim the ports of Waterford and Wexford in return for fighting for him.
(I go into detail about this in a separate post )
What followed was a messy bushfire war; almost in-spite of themselves the cambro-Norman’s managed to take Dublin. Here, Diarmait dies and the leading mercenary commander, Richard de Clare, claims the title of High King based upon his marriage with Diarmait’s daughter. This was not a serious claim, but was done in order to maintain a legal justification for the mercenaries to hold Waterford and/or Wexford after the fighting was over.
The Irish, and King Ruaidhrí Ó Conchobhair, were having none of it, and Rory built up his forces in order to crush this minor annoyance once and for all. While he was doing so however, a small event that would change the course of Irish history forever took place.
The Fall of The Fleet of Dublin
When Diarmait was exiled, Kingship of Dublin fell to one Ascall mac Ragnaill meic Torcaill, supposedly a leading member of the Ostman Dublin community and possibly one of the men who had invited Godfred to become King of the city a decade or so previously.
Ascall (and by extension Dublin) had proven themselves to be loyal supporters of Rory since he took the title. But the sudden attack on the city had surprised the residents. Understand how significant the attack in Dublin was. The mercenaries has began by taking Wexford, then Waterford and now Dublin- three of the main east coast ports.
They had gained this foothold by using/hiring what ships they could but in all cases their numbers were quite small. The first wave had seen only 500 Cambo-Norman’s arrive (where Diarmait had doubled that number with his own supporters). The second wave led by De Clare was larger, maybe 1000 men, but the logistics of it were so difficult that De Clare had to take out a loan from Jewish moneylenders to afford the invasion fleet.
Indeed, my personal belief (not corroborated) was that the reason De Clare married Diarmait’s daughter after he had arrived and not before he left, was perhaps due to there being uncertainty over him being able to arrive at all.
Whatever the case, it is also clear that even after they took Waterford and Wexford, the small mercenary force did NOT have a large body of ships at their disposal. Which possibly explains away their attack upon Dublin.
One, they took an inland route to get to the port, not the easier method of sailing there or taking an army supported by a fleet up the coast road (which was what Rory had expected), suggesting they didn’t have access to ships.
Secondly, it opens the possibility that they wanted Dublin to get access to her fleet, the largest in Ireland at the time.
The Cambro-Norman’s however were still land based and this became the flaw in their plan; whatever the reason to match in Dublin, they had taken the city by land, leaving Ascall and his mighty Dublin fleet free to escape... which is what they did.
Straight to Godred.
While the exact location of where the Dublin fleet fled is contested (some saying they went as far as Orkney) it would seem unlikely given the short time elapsed in the following sequence of events they would that far; Mann was able to allow the Dublin fleet regroup close at hand and Godfred and Ascall probably knew each other. The Isle of Mann was also close enough to warrant an easy return, while maintaining communications with Ireland, so it is reasonable to assume the Dublin fleet sailed to Godred.
All they had to do was hang on until the Irish consolidated their forces and drove out the occupiers.
And yet, here, the Dubliners then made a massive mistake. High King Ruaidhrí was trying to organise his forces to besiege Dublin, but Ascall wasn’t willing to wait. He unilaterally returned to Dublin with his fleet and, in May 1171, attacked the mercenaries there. The attack was an utter failure and Ascall was killed and his fleet destroyed/captured.
The High King now has an issue- if he marched an army to Dublin to besiege it, the mercenaries there could escape by sea back down to Waterford to reconsolidate their power. It was for this reason that the High King instructed the Archbishop of Dublin to contact Godred with an offer.
This is why when the Irish brought a massive force to besiege the foreign occupied city, Godred arrived in Dublin bay with his powerful fleet, helping to place a noose around the Welsh mercenaries, which (the plan went) would end this small, annoying, war once and for all.
The siege, however, failed, and the Irish High King now found himself unable to effectively deal with this matter. Desperate for a solution he sought the one remaining man who could aid him deal with these foreigners. The great Plantagenet King, Henry II.
There was just one problem. Henry II didn’t have a fleet. He couldn’t get to Ireland to ‘deal’ with the men nominally under his control. The Irish needed to get him here. And there was only one man who could facilitate it- Godred.
While it appears Godred was possibly reluctant at first, given the support of the church and possibly with some financial incentive, Godred offered his fleet to the English.
The arrival of Henry
Henry was not a man to do things in a half hearted way. He was, at this time, at the height of his powers. It is always easy to assume Henry was the first ‘English king’ to invade Ireland, but its also untrue.
Henry rules a vast Empire, has been completely focused on curbing his rival the King of France; had spent a large amount of time taking over Brittany, and by all accounts was intending to divide his huge empire between his sons (with the likes of Richard gaining Aquitaine while his older brother Henry (Young Henry as he was known, and whose coronation Godred had possibly attended), gaining England).
His interest in Ireland was predicated upon simple politics: it was outside his area of control. De Clare and his men were operating beyond his reach and it was possible that they could create an independent state (while De Clare’s claim to High Kingship was tenuous at best, it remained a possibility). Henry therefore sought to bring enough men who crush his errant Cambro-Norman’s.
Only Godred’s fleet was large enough to facilitate the movement of the King. He made sure it was at Henry’s disposal and ferried across to Waterford a huge force. The best way to understand the shock and awe Henry inspired is to consider this.
For two years Ireland had been plagued by a vicious bushfire war caused by the fighting prowess of at most 1500 of these men.
Henry now turned up with a force 4,000 men at arms, 200 knights (and horses) and even a series of siege engines (in case DeClare decided to hold out in Dublin). It was, without doubt, the manifestation of staggering amounts of power.
Godred facilitates this transport and witnessed something immediately. Without making a single threat, without any attack, this show of force intimidated the Normans in Waterford. It also intimidated the Kings of Desmond who swore allegiance to Henry at once (possibly in the hope that Henry would not attack them) before Henry travels to Dublin.
Here Henry made his true powerplay, not only gaining submission from De Clare but also in quick order, the Kings of Leinster, Meath, Ulster, Airgílla (Oriel) and Breifne. He coupled this show of force with a surprise weapon- the authority to ‘reform’ the church in Ireland.
Using this as his basis, Henry began the ‘conquest’ of Ireland. He used the Church to press a claim for overlordship of the entire island, which while not enforced by arms, was enforced by rule of (his) law.
For Godred however, this capitulation, coupled with the legitimacy granted Henry by the Pope made his next decision an easy one to make.
Henry was, in effect, trapped in Ireland. He would need to leave. Godred could withdraw his ships and strand him there.
But the Kingdom of Mann faced the massive Plantagenet Empire now being effective rulers of the Irish Sea. The Scots were cowed and with Godred’s fleets help, the Welsh would be curtailed also. A new world order was taking place before his eyes.
Mann now had a choice- remain part of the chaotic world that had seen him lose Mann twice, be exiled twice, and endlessly partake in chaotic warfare... or ally with a strong, stable and powerful regime who were looking for a fleet to facilitate control of the Irish Sea.
Godred Olafson, adventurer, became a happy client to the Plantagenet regime and it is now his influence on Ireland really grew, facilitating and aiding the conquest of the region.
The Son In Law
A measure of the new accord Godred entered into can be found in the marriage of his daughter Affrica to a newly arrived adventurer, John de Courcy.
6 years after Henry’s brief visit, Godred aided John with his planned conquest of Ulaid; it was Godred’s ships who brought John to Carlingford; it was his ships who kept De Courcy supplied and it was most probably Godfred who facilitated his domination and conquest of Antrim and Down.
Understand, as the Anglo-Norman’s has began to expand their control beyond Dublin, the most obvious target was the Kingdom of Airgialla, the Ulster based petty kingdom that forms much of Louth today; De Courcy leapfrogged this region to focus on Ulaid, effectively making it an isolated ‘colony’. He filled it with colonists from Cumbria (located just the other side of Mann, and a region of England, where the ‘saxons’ had long intermarried and had strong ties to the Norse-Irish (at its height, the Ostmen of Dublin had taken the region in their attempt to link Dublin with York)).
The union with Godred’s daughter also meant that while a foreigner, De Courcy was now able to call upon and be part of the long standing family ties in the region; he was supported by Irishmen who were opposed to the Uí Neíll, many of whom he was now related to by marriage.
While it can be seen that De Courcy was an Englishman invader subjugating the Irish people, he was also now part of a series of local dynastic feuds, supported by the most powerful sea power, and behind the narrative of England invading Ireland, there was an equally valid one of this being all about local Irish/Irish Sea politics written large.
Certainly, beyond this union, becoming allies with the rule of Henry II saw Godred and Mann enter a period of stability and safety it had never known. Godred’s ships were the early backbone of the conquest, moving men and resources across the waters, and when, for example, Henry made granted Dublin to the men of Bristol (forcing a mass expulsion of the Ostmen residents), it had been Godfred’s ships who had provided initial protection for them.
In all ways that count, it can be observed without the crucial support on Godred Olafsun, the English invasion of Ireland and the systematic way they consolidated power along the East Coast, would never have taken place.
When he died on St Patrick’s Island (a small island just off the coast of Mann, probably the location of the royal residence), in 1187, Godred was around 50 years old.
His life had been extraordinary, worthy of a saga or two, but it was the events of the latter part of his life, and his role in facilitating the conquest of Ireland, that marks him out beyond a mere footnote in history.
The benefits to Mann for his decision to support the Plantagenet King is proven by the long, peaceful and successful rule of his son.
The above is my own take on the man and his times. I usually specialise in the wars of the Tudor period, so I will accept correction by those with greater expertise in 12th century Ireland.
Sources: *Parker, P (2014). ‘The Northman’s Fury: a History if the Viking World’
Duffy, S (1994). ‘Pre-Norman Dublin: Capital of Ireland’; History Ireland; December.
Duffy, S (1996). "Ulster and the Irish Sea Region in the Twelfth Century" (PDF). Group for the Study of Irish Historic Settlement.
McDonald, R. Andrew (2008). ‘Manx kingship in its Irish Sea setting, 1187-1229. King Rognvaldr and the Crovan dynasty’
Curtis, E (1988). ‘Norse Dublin’ Dublin Historical Revord. June 1988*
submitted by thefeckamIdoing to IrishHistory [link] [comments]

2020.05.18 01:21 Inviktys Thoughts and Theories on AC: Valhalla


I am excited for AC: Valhalla and I wanted to present to the community my thoughts, wishes, and predictions regarding the game. This all speculation, for the fun of it, so please enjoy and comment.
This post contains a variety of topics that I have grouped together into sections of related content and I have tried to make the sections largely independent of each other but there are a few references between sections and topics.

Game Setting

This section is for discussing how the game may utilize the History, Geopgraphy, and Political Landscape of the setting

The Game World

As we know the game will take place during the Viking Invasion of England starting in the year 873. The map is said to contain the 4 Kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxons, Part of Norway, and a few surprise areas.
Here is an map depicting Wessex, Northumbria, and The Danelaw in 878
I also included a red border to create a speculative game map. This imagined map includes Wales and part of the Kingdom of StrathClyde. These Kingdoms are not Anglo-Saxon, instead they are polities of the original inhabitants: the Britons, the Gaels, and the Picts. Most of the interviews have stated that the map contains England and Norway which would not include Wales and Strathclyde but I think they may be included for a few reasons
  • Here is a river map of Modern England that I slightlty edited. The black lines are major rivers while the light blue are minor rivers. The 2 Red boxes roughly define the borders of ~870's Wales and Strathclyde. If Wales and part of Strathclyde are not in this game then there will essentially be holes in the map, of unvisitable land, that we have to sail around to access those rivers along the Western Coast of the Danelaw and it seems that we can sail along the coast from promotional images and the in-game trailer. Now they may have a gerrymandered map which only has the Four-Kingdoms of England and very little visitable coastline or they may section of Wales and Strathclyde with boundary walls but I feel that those 2 options would stick out to players and disrupt the immersion a bit.
Note: Medieval Heraldry did not exist during the Viking Invasion of England, so many of the banners and flags depicted below were created at later dates and attributed back to these kingdoms and houses. These symbols would have existed and been used but not have been standardized to represent a Family or Polity
  • Here is an Image from the gameplay trailer with a soldier carrying a banner with a Red Dragon on a Yellow field and while dragons were very common decorations for banners and shields at this time the Red Dragon , in particular, is associated with the Welsh and we can see it prominently featured on Wales' modern day flag. This association comes from the Prophetiae Merlini, a work containing attributed prophecies of Merlin, where the legendary wizard tells of a long battle between a Red Dragon, which represents the Welsh, and a White Dragon, which represents the Anglo-Saxons. Now there was no unified country of Wales, instead there were 4 Minor Kingdoms known as Powys, Gwynedd, Deheubarth, Morgannwg and the Heraldry of the Kingdom of Powys does look similar to the banner shown in the game with both Beasts red and striking a similar pose.Perhaps they are also choosing to combine the Welsh kingdoms into a single faction for game play reasons.
  • This is related to the preceding point and how the Red Dragon Banner is probably not a symbol of Wessex. First here is the attributed Flag of the Kingdom of Wessex A Golden Wyvern on a Yellow Field. Now it is possible that a Red Dragon could represent the Anglo-Saxons as the Wyvern/Dragon is an accepted symbol of Wessex and a depiction of a Red and Gold dragon banner in the Bayeux Tapestry, where it is held by Anglo-Saxon warriors. That being said this tapestry is depicting events almost 200 years after the setting of the game where England is now a united land. There is also a fallen Golden Dragon in the same tapestry which also seems to represent the Anglo-Saxons. That being said it seems we already know what the emblem of Wessex is as we see in this promo-shot and from the cinematic trailer and on the towers of this besieged castle from the 'game play' trailer. This Emblem, a Cross Moline with 4 Martlets in the quarters, is the attributed Coast of Arms of King Edward the Confessor but also used to represent Wessex as well; for it was found on the reverse side of the coins minted during his reign. While we see variations of this Emblem with some containing a Cross Moline, while others have a Ring Cross, they follow the same pattern and I assume that each faction will only have 1 Emblem, and if that assumption is true then the question is "Who does the Red Dragon belong to?"
I don't have much to say regarding the surprise areas we will be able to visit other than listing some possibilities.
  • Paris: The Siege of Paris in 885 would be a great act for there new story structure and a great showpiece
  • Denmark: Home of the Legendary JomsVikings
  • Dublin: Slave Market of the British Isles and eventually the largest slave market in Europe, perhaps here we can sell and recruit NPCs
  • Iceland: Homeland of Snorri Sturluson (though he will be born centuries after when AC: Valhalla takes place) author Prose Edda which details much of the Old Norse mythology.
  • Constantinople: This is related to a theory I have that you can read in the Possible Plot Points topic in the Story and Lore section

Playing History

Here I wanted to discuss how historical events and hallmarks of the era may be included in the game
  • Reign of Alfred the Great: We know of Alfred's inclusion from both the in-game trailer and the game's starting date of 873 which will start us early on in his nearly 20 year rule. His reign has a rich catalog of events and developments (some of which I detail below).
  • Siege of Chippenham and Flight of Alfred: The Danes take Alfred by surprise at his Winter Fortress and it driven into hiding with a small portion of his original army. Despite this setback he is able to build a secluded fort at Athelney, in the Somerset Marshes, and begin rallying local fyrds to fight a guerilla campaign against the Danes. This is time period where the legend of Alfred burning the cakes is attributed to.
  • Battle of Edington: After waging a successful guerilla war and having regathered his army's strength he marches against Guthrum's forces. The battle is reported as a complete victory with the Danes forced to retreat to a Chippenham and weather the siege. However after 3 weeks they surrender.
  • Treaty of Wedmore: This treaty requires Guthrum for be baptized as Athelstan, with Alfred as his sponsor and spiritual father, and sets the boundaries of Wessex and the Danelaw as well as ensuring fair treatment for each others peoples. This neutralizes Guthrum as a threat and ensures nearly a decade of peace for Wessex.
  • Gifts from Rome: Being a devout christian and no doubt recognizing the power of the church, Alfred made many donations and curried great favor with the church who sent him many relics and waived taxation of Anglo-Saxon's in Rome. One of the reported artifacts gifted to Alfred was reportedly a piece of the true cross. Needless to say this could be an interesting time for Alfred to gain access to some pieces of eden.
  • Resettling London: The old roman city of Londinium is refortified and repaired on orders of Alfred the Great. Danes used to camp within the fortifications and their was an Anglo-Saxon settlement called Lundenwic nearby but this resettlement is marked as the beginning of English London.
  • Unification of the Anglo-Saxons: While Alfred would not claim the title of King of England by the mid 880's all of the Anglo-Saxons submitted to his rule.
  • Siege of Paris: This may be a point where our clan grows bored and joins up Sigfred Sinric and Rollo to besiege Paris and later Burgundy. This would be a cool story beat and perhaps have a grand spectacle.
  • Death of Guthrum: Guthrum's passing provided ample opportunity to eager chiefs who led a large force of Vikings from the continent into England at Kent, bringing with them their wives and children to settle once and for all. The war renewed would see that the Anglo-Saxons had not been idle as Alfred reformed the military and developed the Burghal-Hidage system in anticipation of such an attack. This conflict would once again see Alfred and Wessex victorious against the Vikings.
  • Edward the Elder and Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians: If the game does extend beyond the reign of King Alfred then his Children are also fascinating subjects. Edward the Elder defeats a revolt from his Cousin Aethelwold and conquers the Southern Danelaw. Aethelflaed, following the death of her husband, becomes Queen of the Mercians and leads successful campaigns against many viking invasion forces.
  • Burg/Burh: These were fortified settlements that were defended by a deep ditch and a palisade with a walking platform. They were mostly situated on rivers often at sites of old roman defenses or iron-age hillforts. They were connected to each other by well-maintained military roads which allowed them to form a network where each town had at least 1 other burh within a day's march from each other. Some were twin towns that straddled a river, each side would be fortified as normal and the connecting bridge as well. This network nullified a number of advantages the Vikings enjoyed. If the vikings wished to raid they would have to breach the fortifications of a settlement and do it before the fyrds of neighboring burh's could respond. The game play potential for the Burh's could be really exciting as they may not only be the places we attack similar to the forts in Odyssey and Origins but perhaps they could also be part of a 'wanted' system where you could be chased by Fyrds as you try to escape with your loot.This map represents the location of Burh's and while not all of them were founded during Alfred's reign and they weren't built until the 880's so depending on the time frame they may appear in a latter portion of the the game but I think we can probably expect a good number of them and we may have a glimpse of them in this screenshot from the in-game trailer where if you look closely at the mist covered structure near the bottom right you can see a bridge crossing a river with towers and walls on either side.
  • Danegeld: Money paid to get the vikings to leave, it may be an rpg-choice to accept it and perhaps play into the character's notoriety where if you refuse and continue plundering you may gain more material but have worsened relations considerably with the faction being raided.
  • Sea Battles: While they were not as common and the focus was not on ship-sinking they did occur and may be a part of a specific quest like in Origins, but instead of shooting arrows and spears it would most likely be boarding, a land-battle on lashed boats. Alfred did build large ships for a Wessex navy, nearly double the size of the viking long ships so their could be incentive for some naval combat (again just boarding) but not a mainstay focus as it was in odyssey.
  • Thegns: Nobles of the Anglo-Saxons, these land-owners had civil and military duties and may be characters we can interact with, forming alliances, kidnapping, recruiting, or executing in the political systems. Maybe this uses the Watchdogs Legion NPC tech to create independent characters for you to engage with.

Gameplay Elements and Mechanics

This section contains topics relating to how the game may play and feel, the features, the systems, and the 'fun'.

Map Size and how it may work

It has been confirmed by producer Julien Laferriere that Valhalla will have a map slightly bigger than Odyssey's 235km2 rendition of Classical Greece and is said to cover All of England and some of Norway. I discussed how I think Wales and Strathclyde may be included in the England map but I don't have much to say regarding Norway's section. I also don't think it will be a fully contiguous map either mainly due to how much open water there is between Norway and England. Instead I think you will sail to the border of one map and you will be seamlessly hopped over the expanse (maybe with a meditation timelapse depicting the voyage) deposited within the borders of the other map. There will still be water of course and like I said in the previous section it seems we can sail along the coast but it would mean that the majority of space is taken up by land and perhaps most importantly content on the land. It may also be that the Map Size that Laferriere discussed is the sum total land area of England + Norway + Surprise areas but even if that's true I imagine England is probably going the be the biggest amount of Land we've been able to play on in any game and that really excites me.


This is copied from another post I wrote regarding how I think AC: Valhalla's combat may work
Overall I believe this game will focus on Lethality of weapons to address the common criticism of spongy enemies as well as thematically depicting the brutality that is often associated with this era and will achieve this by Posture, Power, and Targeting systems that form the gameplay
  • Posture: This would be a system similar to Sekiro and Jedi: Fallen Order where players and npcs have both a health and posture bar. Health acts as it does in every other game but weapons do significantly more damage to it; killing in a few hits. While the posture bar indicates your ability to act and react (A mixture of composure and endurance). As it works in Sekiro, being directly hit by an attack will deal both health and posture damage, blocking an attack will only deal posture damage, and a perfect block/parry will cause posture damage to the attacker. Resting will allow the posture meter to recover at a rate determined by your health, the more wounded you are the slower it will recover. Unlike Sekiro they may make dodging and attacking to cause the recovery to stop until you begin resting again (resting as in not sprinting, attacking, dodging). They may also include abilities, items, and skills that allow faster posture recovery as well as abilities that can deal posture damage like a war cry that scares the enemy and debuffs their posture recovery or berserker strength which allows each strike to deal more posture damage.
  • Power: Ashraf mentions how there aren't really levels anymore but power that should stop the silly gating we saw in Odyssey and Origins. I am figuring this to be a calculation based on 2 parts Weapons and Wielders. I am guessing that weapons will have a soft Rock-Paper-Scissor relationship where weapons will be better against some and worse against others and also depending on whether they are being used to attack or defend. Weapons will have a power number that can be increased by upgrading that weapon, allowing it to always be viable and become a treasured relic. The second part is the wielder who will modify the power value of the weapon depending on their abilities and skills, strength could be a simple increase to power delivered, while dexterity may scale the power of some weapons more than others. Power will also play into the defensive as well, Fortitude being your flat resistance to posture damage while the weapon interaction will scale that power. The outcome will be how much posture damage you take. To demonstrate this I'll pull from the example given in the trailer where Armored Warrior with the 2-handed sword attacks Eivor who defends with his axe and sword. Eivor is thrown by the blow (Read a critical posture break) due to calculation of the Warriors Strength + the 2-handed swords attacking power against Eivor's strength and his weapons' defensive power. At the same Time Eivor's Strength + His axe's power is not great enough to overcome the defensive power of the Warrior's Armor. Eivor even loses the head of his axe in another block (perhaps hinting at a weapon durability system where certain weapons can be destroyed by others, An axe splitting a shield, a shield warping a sword, a sword breaking an axe). The destruction of the axe leaves Eivor in a posture break where he was vulnerable to a killing blow but the Armored Warrior didn't take it. If this system is correct it would allow for some unique combinations similar to the Dark Souls series where players had a wide variety of builds that were all valid as long as a player was able to maximize their build's strength and avoid it's pitfalls. In that same way you would need to account for loadouts relation to your opponents. Axes may excel attacking against most things but suck at defending while shields are great defensive weapons that can also be used to bash and charge enemies, which will deliver massive posture damage but not a lot of health damage.
  • Targetting: This is a system that will be used to attack weak points like Ashraf has mentioned and was hinted at in the trailer with Eivor stabbing the armored warrior in the leg. We will have a system similar to "The Surge" where you can target individual body parts for a strike. This may also play into the dismemberment system where you can choose what to lop off in the kill strike. This is also similar to Monster Hunter World where you would target specific body parts to attack and 'break' which would weaken the enemy and remove some it's abilities. Again, using the Armored Warrior as an example; He is a dangerous foe, His 2-handed sword and immense strength will deal massive posture damage, could break weapons and shields, and will probably be an insta-kill if hit. He also is no slouch at grappling with his headbutts and punches. His scale mail armor, thick padding, and ornate helmet make him impervious to body, arm , and head strikes and so the strategy to fight him is to move in fast, deal damage to his legs, and escape before he can retaliate, this will end up wounding him and slow his posture recovery until you can break it and perform a killing blow.

Management, Diplomacy, and Leadership

  • Management: Eivor is not coming to England alone, he's bringing his entire clan with him to find a new place to settle. We know we will have some control over the settlement and members of the clan but to what extent is not entirely known. Upgrading the settlement could be a bit of a strategic game where you have to decide what it most important, better soldiers, defenses, happiness, etc... I don't think you can 'fail' by upgrading the wrong things first but it may make the game more difficult. The other part of settlement management is how it relates to the members of your war-party and perhaps other non-combatant characters. They discussed how you may have to kick some members out of the clan and how you can have marriages held as well (probably used to form ties with other factions I imagine). I also figure your settlement can be assaulted like the others and you'll have to defend it (or perhaps just let it auto-resolve) and here is where your choices may matter, while your party members may not die, perhaps your buildings are destroyed and coffers raided and you have to start over again. I could speculate a lot about how I think this will unfold but regardless I am excited
  • Diplomacy: I am imagining that this system is what will probably give Valhalla it's longevity, depending on how 'robust' it is. Now I'm not expecting a CK2 level simulation but perhaps a bit of a Watered Down Mount and Blade system where you can curry favor with factions through gifts, marriages, and raiding their enemies, which may build to a pentultimate showdown of an assault, and you then reap great rewards while also plummeting your reputation with the defender. I don't want to speculate too much on this as there is only promotional material to go off of but I hope it's a well realized system.
  • Leadership: Eivor's party will fight with him and I imagine there is probably a section of the skill graph dedicated to buffing them, perhaps you could play Eivor solely as a commander watching from afar (It may not be very fun though). Who you bring along may also determine your capabilities, A medic, a siege engineer, a thief, etc... allow bring bonuses and tradeoffs.

Other Systems

  • Destructibility and Fire: I don't know if the game will have really destructible environments or if raiding a settlement means it will look dilapidated for a some time until the population returns and rebuilds. Fire may be able to propagate as we see in the in-game trailer (don't know if that's a cutscene though) and spread much fiercer and much farther than it did in Origins or Odyssey.
  • Hunting: I imagine it will be a bit more involved like RDR2 is, where you have to use your Odin-Sight to track the animal and then perhaps learn it's vital areas to kill it cleanly.
  • Stories: This was a thought I had regarding the reveal of the Curse of Grendel mission where it says we will discover the cruel truth regarding that legend and I thought, because the Vikings maintained their culture and myths exclusively through oral traditions at this time, what if we have other 'story' quests where we are transported into the story to relive it as an actor. Eivor imagining himself in this deeply enthralling story would allow the fantastical elements to not be present in the 'grounded' world but still able to be experienced and it could even be used to relive certain historical moments like the original Siege of Paris or the Raid on Lindisfarne. There is no evidence that this is the case, just a thought.


This section contains topics regarding how I think AC: Valhalla will expand the franchise's lore and greater story. There will also be some predictions of story moments so read at your own risk, I'm probably not right though.

The Byzantine Connection

  • The soldiers we see engaging the Vikings in the cinematic trailer carry shields and banners with the same emblem, a golden double-headed eagle on a red field, and while I could not find any example of this being associated with the Anglo-Saxons or the Kingdom of Wessex in particular I did discover that the symbol is commonly associated with both the Roman/Byzantine Empire. That being said I could not find a historical basis for Byzantine Soldiers fighting alongside Anglo-Saxons against The Vikings but there are other connections which I think this game will use as a basis for this relationship. (ADDENDUM: I decided to look up and see if the Byzantine Empire was in the Assassin's Creed Wiki and sure enough it was and with a very similar looking emblem).
  • The Armored Warrior we see in the cinematic trailer with his scale armor and romanesque helmet with crest seems more in line with a Cataphract of the Byzantine Empire than anything an Anglo-Saxon thegn would wear.
  • After the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 many of the Anglo-Saxon nobles and warriors left England as they were entirely replaced with Norman elite. A large number of these refugees enter the service of the Byzantine Emperor as members of his Varangian guard, in fact becoming the predominant ethnicity of the unit's makeup (which was formerly Norse). So perhaps AC: Valhalla will use this event and work backwards to explain a fictional relationship between the two peoples.
  • The Byzantine Emperor at this time was Basil the Macedonian, who had usurped his predecessor. Legend claims that Basil was a peasant who rose to power through his own abilities but in actuality he was Armenian Royalty, descended from Constantine the Great himself. Constantine was the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity and with his Co-Emperor passed the Edict of Milan which guaranteed Benevolent Treatment to Christians (and all other religions) within the Empire. With the death of his Co-Emperor he came to rule over both halves of the Empire and moved the Imperial Capital to the Greek Port of Byzantium, where it would later be renamed, in his honor, Constantinople. Now earlier on in Constantine's life he had spent time in Britain, campaigning with his father, Emperor Constantius, against the Picts. It would be in Britain, specifically the City of Eboracum, where he would become Emperor following his Father's death. Eboracum would become the Viking City of Jorvik, what we now know as York. So there is a historical framework to justify a fictional relationship between The Anglo-Saxons and the Byzantine Empire.


So I've been thinking about the title a lot and reading up on some Norse Myths and I am wondering if the title of Valhalla is not just a touchstone so we understand the setting and premise but also a nod to our characters arc through the story and ultimate fate. Perhaps we see Eivor die at the end of this game and everything we have achieved through out the course of the story earns his entrance into Valhalla. Life (or After-Life) in Valhalla is one of Rowdy Drinking, Magnificent Feasting, and Bloody Combat. The honored Warriors of the Einherjar fight daily to the death in preparation for Ragnarok. Once the battles are done the fallen are resurrected and reenter the Hall where the Drink and Feast the night away only to repeat it the next day. What if they use this story as a basis for another Isu simulation, whether it be one of the 9 realms or just the Map of England and Norway reoppressed for you to go back through and fight (if you wish) so you can replay the battles and sieges without the necessities of the story.

The Melting Pot of Myths

England at this time is a confluence of different myths and cultures and we already know that we will be seeing some elements of the Anglo-Saxon and Norse mythologies but I hope they don't stop there. If Wales is included in the game world as I discussed in the first section then it would be the perfect backdrop to experience the Arthurian Legends of the native Brits the irony of the Welsh struggle against the Anglo-Saxon invaders at the same time the Anglo-Saxons are struggling against the Viking Invaders. You also have the Gaelic and Celtic myths represented in Strathclyde (if they are part of the game world).
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Its 00.03 AM [16-05-2020] I guess day 51 of lockdown 😅 [which pretty sure has deprived people of their Dopamine , Serotonin 0and Endorphin releases - HAPPINESS].

P.S: This is my first blog ever , it's definitely pretty long [But please don't leave it half read since ive devoted about 6 hours recalling the memories and writing this .. I love Real and General quizzing so much so I wanted you all to see how It is] and Kindly ignore grammatical errors [don't be grammar nozzys] , Quizzers accept phonetically right answers and Please do tell me your comments! And I was in a hurry so Didn't proofread !!


ALSO WONDER WHY A SUDDEN THRUST? SAW A COUPLE OF FELLOW QUIZZERS (SCHOOL BOYS) GET INTO A FIGHT FOR THE SECOND PLACE IN AN ONLINE BUSINESS QUIZ !🙃 That isn't how Quizzing works (One Guy started flexing about working with Stanford professor and all .. and the Other Called him *Inferior being* without having any kindness 😔)
  • Here I'm Waiting for the answers of the last Tie-Breaker question of the last quiz of "LOCKDOWN PE QUIZ" by Chai Pe Quiz . Wish lockdown could extend for these amazing quizzes sake .
  • LOL 😂 Also I'm Reading about a Conspiracy theory on WIND OF CHANGE by SCORPIONS'
  • Also Listening To a Rock Version of SUBRAHMANYENA RAKSHITOHAM [ Suddha Dhanyasi Ragam , ADI talam & Written by Muthuswamy Dhikshitar] I know these things are weird combos but still my personal stuff 😊
\The podcast about the Album/


My Love with quizzing began in primary school . I participated in a Intrabatch GK quiz in 1st standard .. I tried the prelims in 3rd , 4th standards .. still no chances .
Finally in 5th standard I qualified again (this time it was a real and fun quiz) Me and My BestFriend were the team .. [Even "JODI SUPEREHH" Song was played for some other dance practice but we interpreted it was for us 😛] . We went on to win the QUIZ .
Also I had found that Science was my home and always craved for More and More knowledge ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Which still continues since there's no end.
Then me and my friend used to be constant partners in attempting the TIME AQUA REGIA QUIZ every year and get qualified for the inter-school rounds .. we never made into the stage but the amount of science knowledge and facts gained were completely amazing [Just imagine knowing about Manhattan project and ROBERT OPPENHEIMER in 6th grade]
I remember a challenge on finding information about NAPOLEON BONAPARTE and telling the facts to my friend in 6th standard.
I started attending Interschool quizzes .. from The ones conducted by The State government as a part of Art and Literary Fest , By Private colleges and Science Forum .... To Youngworld , Times of India ,Etc.
Yeah you read that right! *We participated* Never won any big quiz during the early years 😄.
Intra-school quizzes were real fun , with the motive being going there cool .. Showing your monopoly dominance and winning! The best quiz was By the Son of our biology teacher , who has now represented his school , college in TCS IT WIZ , TATA CRUCIBLE National finals and studying in IITM currently]
6th and 7th Standard Was Full of Participation only ! Also our school didn't have a quiz club !
An Interesting event- 7th Standard!! Quarterly Holidays .. A high school Economics Teacher had called my dad and informed I had to report to school the next morning! I was kinda terrified and also eager to know 😂 // This was an initial stage where I felt Dopaminergic surges when She told me I was selected to represent our school in the Art and Literary competition. I had to Study for the whole day with two Amazing seniors from 10th standard ! With huge load if books from library.. including current affairs stuff like Competition Success and all .. It was definitely a Hectic day !
The quiz was conducted in our school ... but we didn't do well 🙃! "Happens at times" .
8th Standard Was a Booster to my Quizzing experience!
We made upto Divisional level in a Science quiz, The Day when Aniruddha (he was in 10th lol) met the Stranger 😂 / I Hope you read this and also remember that girl / They lost the district round but he didn't bother.. He was feeling butterflies 🦋!
Me and Dinu won 2nd place in the Science quiz at KPR! Two days of fun and enjoyment .
From 6th to 12th I've participated in almost all the Intraschool quizzes and Finished in the podium in almost all !
I also started reading newspapers since I was in 5th or 6th !
Then Entering into 9th standard also the beautiful years of Teenage and School life , came responsibilities and Duties! [2015-2016]
We tried creating a quiz club and Used to discuss interesting stuff from the Newspaper and all ! But it was like searching for a pin lost in the sea 🏝
I'll 💯% agree with the Fact that 9th standard was the Epitome of my School quizzing career! We did lose many quizzes .. but found where we did lag and Started enjoying the funda and gaining knowledge from Finals of quizzes !
Its the year when I met amazing people from coimbatore .. many Senior quizzers from CQC ! Got contacts with amazing Bro's Who still help me with so many things.
We got to know about the meetings after a quiz at CMS . Damn that were good and standard quizzes one for college and another for school.
In the first Meeting I did good in the beginners and learnt a lot in the main quiz , from Metallica beetle to Akira Kurosowa and Rashomon.
Best part about informal meetings is that you'll really enjoy without any kind of pressure , But I regret a quiz which was full of "PUT FUNDA" .... Imagine attending 25 dries [as a team of 8-10 people ; yeah you get to know them better , like how they connect things , read stuff and all] with most of em having just putfunda .. ParleG girl and all was there !
I also started participating actively in Quizzing groups on FB like Otto Von besmirch , K- Circle ... Grasping the funda from the high level questions was a challenge (is a) but that gave huge levels of satisfaction and Happy hormones in the Brain !!
Talking About 9th standard .. The Last week of January always has been The Most promising week thereafter .. {feeling really sad writing this line 😕but Okayys!}
Aniruddha , Basu & Rahul were the constants!
The year seriously started off with a good Quiz .. Me and Ani Finishing 5th [Lol yeah we made it onto the stage with seriously brilliant and Hardcore Quizzers as other teams]
I still there was a Picture of a young age Atalji and Ani helped me with movie kostins!
That was of the typical SREC Quiz Club quiz ... the first of few that I attended.
I had huge amounts of Endorphins released when I first saw our team's name in the List.
Next a Sad one , but with a good lesson . It was during quarterly holidays and The FOREST COLLEGE would conduct their annual fest for school students , Me and Aniruddha being deputed for quiz team and Basu for Drawing ( Im acknowledging your skills 😊) . The university campus is in Cowley Brown Road in RS PURAM , but what the legend Ani did was he went to the campus in Mettupalayam
The organisers were so strict about having a team ! I tried asking Basu to join me.. but he went for drawing!
I had to sit in the audience seat for the whole quiz which I could've won as a LoneWolf ! I had read books on Animals and Birds by the NATIONAL BOOK TRUST , Went through stuff related to national parks , sanctuaries and stuff..
Me , Basu and Kaushik Went to Art and literary fest quiz at Vasavi Vidyalaya . It was an amazing quiz by Rangarajan sir and we finished 3rd . I learnt about Apollo 11 and stuff from Siva Dharshan anna's Lighting answer {Standard Sugar patient da Naanu Dialogue applies}
I took TCS IT WIZ seriously at those days and started preparing daily just to realize I wasn't really interested in Computer or Tech . Me and Dinu/Rahul made 2-3 points close to the cutoff everytime!
Also The Battle of Brains experience made me more attracted towards quizzing! Attending MEGAWHATTS/Magister by KQA became a part of the Religion! .. We scored 10/100 .. still a Decent score!
I used [many of us] to be a fan of Sumanth Raman sir's BSNL Sports quiz on every sunday Night 9-10 PM .. Damnn I seriously miss those days! Me and Rahul were fond of travelling to places. Usual teenager thrills only . Also being in 9th standard we were offered so much freedom .. So we would give names for any contest/ fest and Enjoyed them to the core . The school never asked why we never won any prizes . They definitely encouraged participation and understood that it was the most essential!
YoungWorld Quiz 2016
  • Then it was January 🦋🦋 , The day after Republic day .. we had worked our Arses off for the past month for the "BEST QUIZ EVER " of Our life . Worth the 200 we paid for registration!
  • Also That day had a huge Adrenaline Rush "Literally rush".
  • We managed to find Many answers [12\20] in the prelims including KRYPTON ❤ And were really Anxious af about getting into the prelims.
  • We were the last team to get drafted into the stage .. But it wasn't so smooth.
ME & Dinu : Dei canteen la snacks theendhuduchu , pasikuthu , veliya poi saptutu varalaam!
* Sneaks out without even noting the time and roams around, finds no shops nearby in the Nava India Road .. Wish Akshayam was there at that time 😋 except a small potti kadai*
Me: Kurkure thaan iruku paravaala vaangikalam.
Dinu: [to shopkeeper] Anna ithellam fresh uh? expiry date eppo?
Shopkeeper: Nee vaanagve venam thambi , Edatha gaali pannu!
Me: Pacifies them and Returns , Kina quick because it was kinda late!
ENTERS THE SNR AUDITORIUM BLOCK .. Dinu: Dei avasara velaiya mudichutu polaam!
Me: *with half a packet of kurkure in hand* Illa da nee poitu va , Time aachu !
* Literally a hell lot of anxiety and Norepi burst off *
Runs faster covering the whole length and gets onto stage
RAHUL: Enga da poi tholancheenga , naan bayanthe poiten.
Me: Kurkure saapada ponom , Padhi packet iruku Aprom Saapadalaam 😂😂.
We finished Third , in the first huge quiz of my life [450 teams of 2 people each from 5-8 districts] and with Huge Outbursts of Dopamine , Serotonin and Norepi , I just felt the Oxytocin connect towards quizzing!
Return Home Journey was awesome with Sakkarai pongal from school temple [It was in a huge vessel] and Fun Talks with Palani Baba in the Winger van ! He is a man of amazing human qualities and Kindness .. He always smiles and makes jokes to keep us happy and entertained . Hearing to his teenage life story while he's driving was always our favourite passtime during travels. I've travelled so many days and times with him! I MISS THOSE DAYS.
My kinda sundays were always about quizzing , Attending CQC meets at PSGIM and Eating CHOCOCREME BUN & TULASI TEA at the Bakery 💖
Met People Like Praneeth 😆
Then we entered 10th standard , we got serious in studying [I did my whole schooling under the Tamilnadu stateboard , but seriously our highschool PCMB books were really awesome 💥]
I missed the INDIA Quiz at KCT due to a Exam at PSGTECH .. But that was a risk worth taking! Since it had amazing question on science and GK I ended up loving the paper and Scoring the Top score in Coimbatore district [Being at a decent rank while competing against CBSE schools like Bodhi is definitely good!]
We went to quizzes , limited ones but never missed the important ones like BoB , TCS IT WIZ , MKQ [Put in a lot of efforts since COIMBATORE never failed to fascinate me , Lost the stage due to few silly mistakes .. Heartbroken because Kovai quotient never returned]
One good quiz to mention is The one By SRPC ! Prelims was bad with math , science and social science [ Team of 4 . Arunachalam and Mukesh helped us !]
Finals was only for 2 people .. Me and Rahul went , Did well .. ENDED UP AT 3RD PLACE AND WITH A SUM OF 3K [This is the only real cash prize i've ever received at a quiz]
Also during the holidays I attended The AQC [Asia Quizzing Championship] in June at Brookfields Banquet Hall .. Ended up with about 18/100 but I cracked IGOR KURCHATOV .. The name kurchatovium(Russians) was put forth as a name for Atomic.NO:104 Currently Rutherfordium(Americans) Which was kinda unique answer and I had known good amounts of science and conspiracies 😎 .. Mahnn that moment felt seriously happy with lots of Hormones secreting and Butterflies in stomach {Yeah SCIENCE has been my only Love since my childhood I'm pretty sure that it'll remain the same}
I had my friend shouting at me for not joining him for a movie at The Cinemas :/
Done well with 10th standard and 11th was meant to be "FUN" since our school used to take the whole syllabus and leave us free .. but the govt came up with a plan for public egjam!
Plans kinda shattered but little I did know about The goodness it'll do to my Life !
Life was kinda heavily packed 8-5 school [MON-SAT] and Evening classes at Aakash on sat and again 8-5 on Sunday at Aakash ! *If you guys find this blog good i'll keep writing about other stuff like highschool life also !*
I attended Very few Quizzes , TCS IT WIZ moved out of Coimbatore , No MKQ , No time to attend quizzes on Sundays - Life definitely had a hard turn.
In 11th standard we managed to get into the state level of a Science quiz [We ended up as 3rd] , That was a pretty bad quiz finals because we neither had buzzers nor Pounce!?
Also a quiz in SREC .. We finished 4th , also bragging vouchers for the creative team name - JILLUNU KAATHU JANNALA SAATHU . Me and Rahul were just making fun of the name in the morning at school🤣 . And also as per certain good traditions quizzes attended with rahul without him getting scoldings from principal sir never ended well .. We got em before YWQ , Science quiz and Srec quizzes!
I started attending Open quizzes whenever I found time . 12th standard also same story! Worse news was that Quiz was Scrapped from Art and Literary fest by the Government 😐.
Passed 12th . Had entrances .. so couldn't attend any quiz until June 1st weekend!
Started downloading KQA old quizzes to quench the thirst for Quizzing.. That time period is a Dry-time for open quizzes . Started following many quizclub pages on instagram and Felt really happy after reading the fundae...
I also attended the Cricket quiz with Basu , The day I met the AGR vro in real life! The guy who was with us in YWQ had made into the quiz [Lol that guy's a Cricket Buff ! I seriously felt happy that we did'nt have the tiebreaker with that team at YWQ .. Which was about the First Century for INDIA in ODI
Also I was invited as a Volunteer for the GRM Memorial quiz by Siva Anna and really ahd fun on the day by helping them conduct the quiz smoothly and also having nostalgic memories about how was I as a school quizzer and Realizing how i've entered the General quizzing world [Open quizzes are for everyone .. Anyone from any age group can participate]
[Logged off by 01AM 17/05.. Back at 22.30 ! PALINCHU KAMAKSHI By MANDOLIN.U.SRINIVAS in the background]
Then shifted to chennai for college life , I had a month full of foundation course which never had any academic activites so I was free to roam around the city on weekends.
The first quiz here at Chennai was QFI Open [I partnered with a Dad and a 6th std son Duo] And I did enjoy the prelims and we had a decent score of about 8/25 . It was definitely a quiz for the elite quizzers , but All open quizzes are Open to the Audience to Enjoy the quiz and Cherish happy moments answering them [That's what we quiz for 😇] . It was a 2 day quiz fest but since I had some work and also not so good at sports , entertainment I attended only the Final General Quiz!
Answering Halloween and Jack-O-Lantern , Vikram lander were all fun! I did get a chance to witness how fast and knowledegble were the Elites from Various parts of the country . Mind=Blown 👏..
Then I started attending Fortnightly informal quizzing sessions by QFI .. Their Signature QF1 and a Special quiz of the day . I would attend only one quiz per month owing to tight schedules for IA and stuff .. Also I had to travel 10Kms Up and Down ! They were really refreshing for the mind after a whole week full of Tiring lectures . I used to score 13-15/30 . Also since you'd get drafted into the teams randomly so you'll meet new people every single time!
They asked for a team from our batch , I signed up with two non-quizzers since my friend was reluctant thinking it would be some academic quiz ! Conducted for CMCHIS at the Omandurar Estate .. I seriously regret for not taking my friend with me 😭 .. Mahnn we could've done better! But teams from our college performed well and won a Prize ! The quiz was hosted by the Crown prince of Nawab of Arcot .. with a live music round ! Performed by two amazing singers.
September and Oktober were really Awesome ! Me and My new Fraand Dhinesh attended a Quiz at a Gaming centre cum Bistro and made into the finals ! Not to mention the Poor white creme pasta we bought for redeeming the 200 rupee entry fee ! The environment was really different .. Groups cutting cakes for birthdays at one side , while you're thinking whether to Pounce or Not!
And we Made another awesome trip Shankara Nethralaya .. Ofc Getting OD . It was a quiz by famous QM DR.Sumanth Raman sir . After an amazing Plate of snacks .. Dhokla , Kaala Jamun and Samosa 💚 💣 ...
Co-Ordinator {An aged Man} Guys eat well
[We all were smiling , and wondering why he was telling that specifically to Us [MEDICOS] while many college students were there]
Sir: You all are gonna save people in the future , It's true so don't laugh ..
I felt happy and Kinda Shy/ embarrassed.
We scored 6.5 in prelims , Knew few answers like Tea was declared as the National drink of India and all .. But missed by a Point! Bad times do exist!! I was pretty exicted because it was the first time I saw Sir in real life , after years of seeing on TV and Missing him badly over the past months because he was removed from the quiz 😔
There was a question about "GERONTOPHOBIA" and we were sitting thinking what could be the answer .. and QM was like "What's this Ra .. Medicos should definitely know! .. Don't disappoint me saying you don't know "... We managed to guess the Fear of Becoming old / Old age.
The finals were really interesting and we did answer sitting in as the Audience! 2 teams from our college did really well.
Months passed .. With very few/ no quizzes attended . But I did'nt stop the Instagram quizzes , which used to be daily questions and weekly quizzes by few college quiz clubs .
I missed a quiz at a Medical college due to some IA on the next day , That was held with the help of QFI!!
Then it was December an Winter Vacation {Should aptly call Cold and Rainy} at Coimbatore .. There was Mr.Avinash Mudaliar one of the best QM's and quizzers in the country all the way from Mumbai to witness the Great Solar Eclipse with his Family . He planned to conduct a quiz on the day of Christmas . I attended it with AGR vro {It had rained heavily from vadavalli to brookfields ... and hence the coat was drenched} and accidentally my old Other school friend also joined us.
It was teams of 4 .. I seriously enjoyed a standard quiz at my hometown after being away ! We answered questions from Ajith acting in a Hawai chappal advertisement to Viscera {The noun meaning the internal organs in the main cavities of the body, especially those in the abdomen, e.g. the intestines. But could'nt get GUTTED , the QM quickly understood I was a Medico 😂}
After the quiz Had time to Talk to AGR vro .. after crossing the water logged Kikani Underpass all the way to Delhiwala💛 .. We had argued about getting a Parcel Bhel last week from Agarwal 😋😋 ,. Ate stomach full of Shahi Paneer , Aloo matar ,Naan and Basundhi 💥 and He was generous enough to drop me in his RE!
Then came Pongal holidays and Saarang at IITM.. Me , dhinesh and his old friend attended the India Quiz conducted by two Vadaks in Kurtha Pyjama! We knew we wouldn't get selected for finals so decided to roam around . Literally from 11-3 PM After Dozing off Taco I [atleast he] had to chose between a Standup By Rahul Subramaniam or The Iconic Lonewolf Quiz prelims [40 written kostins]
We went to the Quiz prelims .. In the dilemma of wheter to stay for the overnight Finals in thr OAT after the Proshows or Go home . I was struck .. Also I had plans of meeting few college friends who were there for the proshow .. But I had to leave since I had very little energy and Money left . My college friends had amazing plans , spending time with their school fraands who are now in IITM at the proshow and then leave for Hometown ..
For others SAARANG was for Roaming with friends and enjoying by partying .. But as Quizzers ours was to Attend Quizzes and Enjoy from the Knowledge we get .. I still remember The "THEY HAD US IN THE FIRST HALF , NOT GONNA LIE" question was there . Since the quiz was set by 4-5 students It was really amazing with huge diversity! I also met my old Quizzer friends from coimbatore.
Then came Lockdown starting my STAYHOME on 16th March .. Its been 2 months and It has given me so much happiness wrt to Quizzing and knowledge , New Online quizzes Popped up and I'm seriously enjoying with atleast A single Full-fledged quiz and so many QOTD format quizzes on Various topics rangine from General,sports,entertainment,India,Gaming,Comics,Science,Medicine,Business,MELAS,SPENT,etc..
I also got an amazing opportunity to my first and my all time dream quiz .. A general quiz with some science flavor .. this time it was medicine flavor 😀 There were about 40 participants amd definitely everyone enjoyed it!
The link for my quiz!
Quizzing has taken a whole new form involving whatsapp groups for discussions , Apps like ZOOM , CISCO WEBEX , Even DISCORD {Used for gaming} and Kahoot!
Various College quiz clubs , school quiz clubs , Quizzers , Companies created for organising quizzes and Quizzing enthusiasts are keeping this lockdown interesting for us!
A special mention to a particular college quiz club who have been conducting weekly quizzes on various topics including a Madras quiz ! No matter how many quizzes I [we] attend we all are gonna find new questions in the Board and are gonna take wild Guesses .. It's never about winning , It's about learning everyday !
One guy actually suggested them to collect entry fee and give prizes. We all just reminded him that we quiz since its our passion and favorite passtime and it's not business as how few people perceive it!
Quizzers do Binge reading from internet for hours , From wikipedia , from articles , from old quizzes uploaded in Slideshare ... But real ones a humble and kind enough , unlike few people who have huge head-weights and Flexx a lot at quizzes!
Organisers of quizzes are kind enough and take good care of the audience with good audience questions .
Also being a medico the Near-Exclusive med questions brings even more fun and Happy hormones ..
I knew It was Tragus the moment I read the question .. BOOM A huge burst of Happy hoemones , And only 3 spectators and 2/18 teams with top-level quizzers got it right [EVEN MORE HAPPINESS]
And you can't define how a question could be .. anything from a song , a movie scene , a meme ,a tweet , a logo , a food item ,a map , a historical event and countless possible stuff even Adult [pure 18+] stuff will be there .SO NEW QUIZZERS BRACE YOURSELF TO ATTEND THE UNEXPECTED .
I don't know how to end it , I guess an apt one would be a question and a answer .





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2020.05.12 23:40 ladfjoierh09876t Vacancy: 2 bedroom apartment in Dublin 6, Rathmines

Vacancy: 2 bedroom apartment in Dublin 6, Rathmines
DETAILS: I am leaving Dublin and my 2 bedroom apartment is available from 1 June. 📷 Location: Highfield Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6, South Dublin City. Walking distance to Rathmines. Eircode: D06 CX78. 12-minute walk to the LUAS and 1 minute walk to the 142 bus that takes you to the city center and the docklands. Rent: €2,200 per month excluding bills Room details: Double size bed, single bed, built-in wardrobe, private main bathroom Apartment details: bright, newly refurbished, ground floor, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, etc., free parking. Move in dates: 1 June ---- Stunningly decorated two- bedroom Ground Floor Apartment in a purpose-built apartment block which has been cleverly remodelled, and refurbished to the highest standard. This Apartment has just had a complete renovation to the very highest standard. It comes to the market in superb condition throughout, complete with ample car-parking, this stylish home is flooded with natural light and is ready for immediate occupation. It has a new, sleek, modern Kitchen (with lots of storage) & Dining area cum Living Room, a separate Laundry Room, a Double Bedroom with beautifully fitted built-in wardrobes, a Single Bedroom again with fitted built in wardrobes and built in Desk. The bathroom boasts a large modern wet room shower. The accommodation and specification within are most impressive, once inside you are greeted with a very modern, bright and stylish interior where light, space, design and finish combine to make this property something very special and immensely appealing. High specification throughout, newly installed remote monitored alarm system, new Electric Heating that is controllable from an App on your phone or in the Apartment itself. Dishwasher, WasheDryer, Fridge Freezer etc. Free Parking at your door. Woodleigh Ash is just off Highfield Road, Rathgar, between the villages of Rathgar and Rathmines, only minutes away from superb local shopping, trendy eateries, cafés and cinemas. The area is also well-serviced by local transport including a regular bus service and the Cowper and Beechwood LUAS (Green line) stops are a 12-minute walk away.
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