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The case being settled is known as 'Melissa Ferrick v. Spotify U.S.A. Inc.,' and was consolidated out of putative class action lawsuits filed by Ferrick and Lowery. 'The settlement process was ... Melissa Ferrick’s birth sign is Virgo. Virgos are often slow to fall in love. They are conservative by nature and cautious with their hearts, they benefit from a more flirtatious aggressive partner to start things off. Melissa Ferrick is changing her life. The renowned lesbian singer/songwriter, after fifteen years of life on the road, racking up an average of 180 concerts and 85,000 miles on her car during each of them, is tuning into her own life. She’s performing at Jonathan’s Restaurant in Ogunquit; EDGE chats with the artist about her health, her new CD, and her life as an out lesbian singer. Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Melissa Ferrick scheduled in 2020. Songkick is the first to know of new tour announcements and concert information, so if your favorite artists are not currently on tour, join Songkick to track Melissa Ferrick and get concert alerts when they play near you, like 10165 other Melissa Ferrick fans. Ferrick can be very demanding of her love partner. Melissa Ferrick tends to be somewhat suspicious of her partner's relationships, even if they are merely platonic. If she is ever betrayed, Melissa Ferrick is capable of hating with as much force and intensity as she once loved. She is attracted to people who have an aura of mystery about them. Melissa Ferrick. Boston, Massachusetts. Ms. Ferrick is currently a Professor of the Practice at Northeastern University. Before joining Northeastern, she taught at Berklee College of music for seven years. She’s released 17 albums over 24 years. She is regarded as one of the most prolific and hardworking artists in the business. She’s toured with Morrissey, Weezer, Tegan and Sara, Paul ... Melissa Ferrick Artist/Educator Ms. Ferrick is a Professor of the Practice at Northeastern University in the Music Industry Department at the College of Arts Media and Design. She’s released seventeen albums over the last twenty-five years and has won numerous awards for songwriting, production, and performance.

A few women who write and sing

2015.02.03 07:02 ruchenn A few women who write and sing

I posted a comment to kabukistar’s Ladies of /AL, what makes you a "bad lesbian"?. It included links to the Wikipedia articles concerning eight ‘woman-loving-women Anglophone songwriters’ (I was riffing on kabukistar’s noting that they ‘don’t like the music of Tegan and Sara that much’).
Almost simultaneously, my partner made it clear they are more than ready for the household soundtrack to move on. I tend to overdose on whatever I’m currently pre-occupied with so the house has, of late, been resounding with late-Beethoven (especially the late string quartets as performed by the Kodaly Quartet) and 1950s and 1960s bebop, hard-bop and free jazz.
In deference to my partner’s desire for ‘something simpler, and preferably with people singing’, I’ll be switching the household soundtrack to female songwriters.
And, to mix it up a little, I decided to be a bit more specific than that. This was going to be as woman-centric a soundtrack as I could come up with. Building on the short, off-the-top-of-my-head list I’d thrown together above, it would consist only of women-who-love-women. (If nothing else, this would stop me putting our complete Thea Gilmore collection on high rotation.)
Taking a look through our iTunes library, however, I realised I’d not done much adding to this side of our music collection of late.
Which got me to thinking. Which got me to doing. Which resulted in this post.
It’s an incomplete list of songwriters that might be of interest to folks if they are interested in women who love women. There are many more women who’s work I don’t know, however. And I (and my partner) would like to. So, please, add to the list.
If you want to add to the list using the same table structure I’ve used, the following template should work (with words and URLs replaced as necessary):
Songwriter Official site -------------------------- [songwriter name](wikipedia url) [official site domain name](official site url)
Songwriter Official site
Margie Adam
Patricia Barber
Courtney Barnett
Lou Bennett
Sarah Bettens
Bitch, aka Capital B
Monique Brumby
Brandi Carlile
Tracy Chapman tracychapman.com2
Jen Cloher
Beccy Cole
(Jennifer) Corday
Catie Curtis
Ellis (Delaney)
Alix Dobkin
Melissa Etheridge
Maxine ‘Max’ Feldman spiralgoddess.com3
Melissa Ferrick
Debbie Friedman
Tret Fure
Mary Gauthier
Horse (Sheena McDonald)
Janis Ian
רונה קינן (Rona Kenan)
Kaki King
k d lang kdlang.com4
Patty Larkin
Deidre McCalla
Erin McKeown
Holly Miranda
Laura Nyro
O’Hooley & Tidow
Gretchen Phillips
LInda Perry
Chris Pureka
יהודית רביץ (Yehudit Ravitz) (no official site)
Katie Reider
Maia Sharp
Tegan and Sara teganandsara.com4
Uh Huh Her
Cheryl Wheeler
  1. A related site but not Bennett’s official site per se. She does not, so far as I can find, have an official site.
  2. Requires Flash and auto-plays music when it loads.
  3. Feldman has no official site: this is a reminiscence of Feldman by Abby Willowroot. Willowroot met Feldman in 1964 and they remained friends until Feldman’s death in 2007.
  4. I’m a fan of Randall Munroe’s approach in this regard: someone reading this list could well be ‘one of today’s lucky 10,000’ who discovers for themselves someone that, supposedly, ‘everyone knows’.
As per my self-imposed restrictions regarding the household soundtrack above, this list is deliberately restricted to songwriters. No composers and no performers who don’t also routinely write. This is not because I’m not a fan of any composers or performers (ask me about Deborah Cheetham or Robyn Archer if you want me to drone on and on about a composer or a performer, for example). Rather, it’s because some semi-arbitrary restrictions were necessary or I’d have gone on forever.
For the same reason — and in partial deference to this subreddit’s name — I’ve left off women who are GSM-identified but are (or mostly were) in opposite-sex relationships. Hence my not listing Sia or Ani DeFranco, excepting to note that I’d not listed them.
I’m not engaging in ‘bi-erasure’ here (which would be foolish on my part, since I’m nowhere near a Kinsey 6 myself). Rather, I’m deliberately listing women who’s work gives voice to experiences and concerns that are routinely overlooked or even suppressed at least partly by dint of their clear emotional and romantic preference for other women.
I’ve also (mostly) stuck with songwriters working primarily solo. Which leaves off bands such as Antigone Rising, Blame Sally, Indigo Girls, and The Magnetic Fields, again, excepting to note that I’d not listed them above.
Also, and before I congratulate myself on how hip and cool and into the right artists saying the right things I am, I’ll note that this list is almost entirely Anglophone and mostly consists of white Americans.
There are some Australians (including an Aboriginal Australian), a few Canadians, a couple of Israelis, an English duo, and a fair sampling of Jewish Americans (who some will lump in with Whites, of course; speaking as a member of the tribe, I’ll politely smile and silently disagree with you on that front). As a reflection of actual human diversity goes, it’s not that great, however.
I hope, nonetheless, the list contains a few fun discoveries for at least someone. And, again, if there’s anyone we’re missing (and there must be), please add away.
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